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World Class Benefits of Using Virtual Tours to Attract Real Estate Buyers

Notoriously, properties aren’t available for viewing around the clock – but virtual reality companies like Voxel are revolutionising this.

Normally, a real estate agent will propose a set list of properties to a prospect buyer – then came visits, negotiations and finally a purchase. This is how it’s been for decades, but top-notch virtual reality companies like Voxel Worlds are raising the bar and bringing a more affluent virtual aspect.

So, what are the benefits of virtual tours to attract buyers?

  • It’s the next big thing, and many are missing out.

Part of being a successful realtor relies heavily upon successful marketing and sales strategies. A lot of real estate firms have not evolved with technology however and wow, is there some intense evolvements in the tech sphere.

Many real estate firms rely on glossy websites, high quality pictures and standard digital marketing. Giving the option of providing a fully immersive virtual reality tour to prospects from the comfort of their own home will provide an exponentially higher chance of success of a sale.

Offering fully immersive virtual reality tours is also an incredibly elegeant way to let your clients know that you’re up to date with the latest tech and truly care about delivering a great experience to your clents.

  • They create a sense of ownership

When anyone looks at a prospect house, they look at how they can implement their own changes to call a house a home. A photograph or just one viewing doesn’t allow a prospect to fully appreciate a take ownership of a home from the comfort of their living room.

A virtual tour that’s accessible around the clock will allow the prospect buyers to gain a sense of ownership and that is a critical part of fundamentally selling a home successfully – it’s all in sentiment – and virtual reality in real estate offers oodles of it in abundance.

  • They’re ALWAYS Open

No, your clients won’t need to wait for 9am to hit before contacting you for another viewing or forwarding more photographs of a development, they can access the virtual reality tour 24/7, rain or shine – no matter what the situation – they can always visit. This is essentially a 24/7 selling tool that does the work for you – meaning you could earn a sale in your sleep (how cool is that?)

  • They’re EXTREMELY versatile

Virtual tours can feel like a time-consuming and furthermore expensive real estate marketing option, but given the plethora of different usages of virtual reality tours – they’re more than worth it. You can include them in email marketing campaigns, affiliate schemes, direct marketing and so forth – there’s literally no limit.

  • Proven to work

Perhaps the most important point here is that virtual tours just work. They DO provide a better experience for prospect buyers and they can increase the chances of a sale by a whopping 96%.

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