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Wonderful Ideas to Renew Every House Area

Feel the change by refreshing your home with small but important changes that will change your mood.

Colors We will start from fashion to color for 2018. Certainly some colors are darker for the winter but in general the big trend is white, pale and earthy shades. White is a color that wants a lot of care not to look cold and cold. So it would be best to avoid absolute whiteness throughout the house if you do not have enough natural light.

Blue-gray is also a color that will dominate in 2019. Paint a wall, but instead of the classic painting method use a broom or brush to achieve the result that is like making the white water from behind. It has an embossed effect and will be like having a wallpaper. Pass a hand color and then ride the broom horizontally or vertically depending on whether you want to give height or length in space. Repeat in the second hand.

Wallpaper A great trend in wallpapers this year is the floral over the geometric that is still in fashion as it was the previous year. To date, floral has referred to romance. Now we are talking about wallpapers with very large flowers and not necessarily in pale colors.

Wallpaper is a material that anyone can put in their own at home. Just if you are not sure of the result avoid wallpapers with repeating motifs. The procedure is as follows: You get the special glue that dissolves in water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Cut the wallpaper based on the height of the wall leaving 10cm margin over and 10 down. Put glue and allow the paper to absorb the glue for a while. Then carefully place it on the wall and adjust it with a spatula from top to bottom. Carefully cut off with a cutter.

A very new trend is the 3D wallpapers where the actual material from which the upholstery is made is three-dimensional. It is sold in 50 cm squares and you can make the placement yourself by gluing the pieces to the wall with the special glue using the crosses that will keep the sheets one by one from the other. Put the joints together, and then you can paint in whatever color you want as you would even paint a wall. Even the simplest bedroom becomes super stylish only with this change.

What to do in 2019

Led Invest and change all home-light bulbs with led lamps. They offer up to 95% energy savings and better lighting quality. The cost of the bulbs will make you pay off the bill cut.

Pharmacy In all homes there must be a pharmacy especially when there are children. It is very important to check all of your medications if any of them has expired. Throw away what has expired and replace as soon as you need to always have at home.

Postpone Jobs You surely have things you still say to do and in the end forget them. In 2019 put a program. Make yourself a weekly plan and hang it at the entrance to the house. Take a photo frame, instead of a photo, put a piece of wrapping paper or print your own shot. With a marker you can write and erase the jobs you need to do.

Plants Put at least one plant in your home. Bamboos are plants that attract energy while the chrysanthemum cleans the air of the house very well according to Nasa. It will also give color and freshness to space.

Floor The floor is a very important base for the rest of the decoration. If you have old tiles and you can not afford to change them you can just paint them.

Living room If you want to quickly change the home decoration without costing you anything, change your place in the things you already have. Instead of sharing items of the same use at different points put them in the same place by placing the bigger back and the smallest in front. This way you will create corners with collections that will attract visitors for longer. You can also make an artistic corner, by adding some great posters. You can buy poster prints online and make the result you wish.

For a quick refresh without spoiling any money, change the location of the lights you already have. Put on the bedside lamp the lamp you had in the office, and in the office the light you had on a side table.

Whatever you do, just be yourself.

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