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Why you should have a Covered Patio with a Skylight

When the weather in Calgary becomes warmer, there is nothing better than sitting outside on your patio or deck. In the heat of midsummer, however, it’s all too tempting to retreat into your park model home for shade to cool off, which always seems to be a waste of the glorious weather outside. This is when having a patio or deck cover becomes the best home renovation you’ll make all year.

Exterior covered patio with fireplace and furniture. Wood ceiling with skylights.

Patio covers allow you to sit outside with a shade over your head, but with no walls to block out the summer breezes or spoil the perfect view. Even better than a patio cover is a patio with skylights to allow the light through, but not the heat. Skylights can improve energy efficiency, brighten low-light areas, and provide needed dimension. The visual effect of a skylight on your trailer patio is to make your outside area into a spacious extra room that you and your guests will want to spend enjoying all season long.

Not all covered patios with a skylight are created equal, meaning that you can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a cheap plastic structure up into the thousands for more complex wood-based designs. When you’re planning your patio or deck cover, try some of these ideas to make the most of your outdoor living space:

  • Add concrete bases – while solid wood pillars give a more traditional look, they are most susceptible to rot and weather damage after several years. Encasing the bottom two feet in concrete will protect the pillars from the elements and will also give you a perfect base to decorate and complement the outside of your park model home. This might be through pebbledash, rocks or faux brickwork.
  • Add Multiple skylights – this patio cover idea will depend on the size of your trailer patio, but a good rule of thumb is to have at least 6 feet between each skylight. Remember, the purpose of the patio cover is to provide shade during the heat of the day, so too many skylights negate the benefits of the patio cover. A pair of skylights at either end of your covered patio will allow your guests to still feel like they’re outside while maintaining good cover.
  • Add a ceiling fan – if your covered patio with a skylight faces away from natural breezes, installing a ceiling fan will help move the air and create coolness on the hottest of days. It will be important to place the fan centrally over any seating area, and away from the skylights so that the blades don’t block the light coming in.

As with any design process, you’ll need to plan to incorporate these patio cover ideas into your final plan, as they all require modifications to the original trailer patio design. It is always worth the time to talk with a professional contractor to plan your covered patio or deck, get the most shade and the best look so you can spend the summer in your new dream outdoor living space.

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