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Why Garage Door Spring Repair is Only a Job for the Pros

If you’re trying to save money on garage door repair services, you should keep garage door spring repair off of your list. Attempting to fix a broken garage door spring is a very dangerous proposition if you’re not a trained garage door repair technician. So, get an idea out of your head that you can do this kind of garage door repair on your own. You simply can’t do it without risking your life. Trust us when we say the bill for the emergency room and ambulance will be a lot more expensive than the cost of a local garage door repair. Your garage door can weigh anywhere between 200 and 300 pounds. It will always be the undefeated champion and take you down quickly.

A Good Garage Door Spring Repair Will Stand the Test of Time

A professional garage door spring repair is a wise investment for your home. This kind of repair last 7 to 8 years if you open and close your garage door every day. Now, if you decide to upgrade to a double life garage door spring, that repair will last even longer. Take to your garage door repairman, tell them your budget and they’ll work something out for you.

Why You Should Get This Kind of Garage Door Repair Done Quickly

A garage door with a broken garage door springs isn’t safe and your garage door is only going to get worse if you neglect. Take care of it as soon as you notice the damage.You don’t want to let it get to the point where it can come off its track.  

How to Prevent Your Garage Door Springs from Breaking

If you want to keep your garage door in the best possible shape you should get preventative maintenance service done on your garage door twice a year. This will greatly decrease the chances of the springs breaking, because they’ll be replaced well before they become brittle. Call your local garage door repairman and set up an appointment. When they get to your home they’ll inspect your garage door and take care of any minor damage and perform routine maintenance that needs doing.

How Much Does a Garage Door Spring Repair Cost?

The cost of a garage door spring repair will depend on the make and model of your garage door and if you have any coupons to use on the service call. In some cases, the cost of a spring repair may be included in a preventative maintenance program, but this isn’t always the case. Just call your local garage door repair and installation company and see what kind of promotions they are running.

Always Get Repairs Done Before Any Kind of Major Storm Season Begins

Your garage door should always be in good condition and this is even more true during hurricane season or any other storm season. Waiting to get your garage door repaired the day before a hurricane or a major snow storm is not a good idea. It’ll be difficult to get an appointment and it will dangerous for anyone to be on the road and that includes your local garage door repairman. So repair your garage door as soon as the damage occurs and you’ll be all set.

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