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What You Should Do In A Bathroom Renovation Project

Home renovation projects can certainly be overwhelming but it can help to think about which room you might want to tackle first. If you are looking simply for the most bang for the buck, the kitchen is typically among the best choices as it is the most desirable room and biggest selling point in terms of resale.  Of course, the kitchen is also simply an excellent choice because of how much time you spend there with you and your family.

However, in terms of comfort and need, it might be a better idea to start with Renovco bathroom renovations instead. The reason for this is simple: this is the most complicated space in any house to renovate.  Unfortunately, it can take the most time and also can cost the most money (in terms of recoup). For example, the (US) National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates that the median cost of a bathroom renovation project in 2016 was about $26,000; the average homeowner was only able to recoup about 58 percent of this investment at the time of sale.


Obviously, the first thing you should examine when it comes to your bathroom renovations is the plumbing.  Plumbing is important, of course, because it makes your sink, shower, and toilet functional.  Better fixtures and new pipes ensure your plumbing is working at its best for many more years to come.


One of the big obstacles with any bathroom remodel job is the limited space.  Because of the plumbing, structural, and electrical needs of this particular space—and in such a small space—you usually cannot simply knock out a wall to make more space.  Instead, consider ways to improve storage during your remodel.  

In addition to shelving, cupboards, and clever convertible storage options, you can also use visual tricks to make the room feel bigger.  The right tile pattern can give an illusion of a larger space. Similarly, a shower curtain can bifurcate a bathroom; consider a glass door instead.


Similar to plumbing, it is hard to simply add new lighting fixtures to a bathroom. You really don’t need to do this, of course, to improve the space: simply upgrade the ones you have to be not only more aesthetically pleasing but also, perhaps, energy saving (which means money savings on your energy bill all year long).

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