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What Should You Consider When Choosing A Cordless Drill?

A cordless drill is a must-have tool for every do-it-yourself home improvement project. There are many types of a cordless drill to choose from. It is important to choose the best cordless drill as it will not only help you save money but precious time too. In fact, cordless drills are not only useful to DIY projects but also to professionals. With a wide array of a cordless drill to choose from, how will you be able to find out which one is the best? Keep on reading below to find out.

  • Voltage

A cordless drill is available at several voltages. For light work, 9 volts and 12 volts are the typical choices. However, if you want the best, then you should go for 18 volts. It makes drilling work easy and super-fast. With this voltage, you can complete what you need to accomplish with less effort. If you want your work to be more productive, then you should choose a cordless drill with a high voltage.

  • Batteries

There are three choices for cordless drill batteries: Nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, and lithium-ion. When it comes to choosing the battery, you need to weigh the pros and cons. Of the three, the one that offers the greatest advantage is the lithium ion. It is lightweight, lower self-discharges, and does not have a memory effect. Of the three choices, it is only the lithium-ion battery that can hold a longer battery charge. This simply goes to show that you can use the drill for a long period of time.

  • Chuck size

The size of the chuck of cordless drill varies. For heavy duty work, the best chuck size is the half inch. For simple do-it-yourself work, the 3/8 inch is acceptable. The size of the chuck can also affect the grip. It is important to find a size that fits your grip well or else you will experience excessive wobbling.

  • Multi-stage clutch and variable speed

A drill that has a variable speed trigger enables you to switch from low speed to high speed and vice versa. This feature allows you to match the speed to the job. A multi-stage clutch setting is also important. It enables you to come up with a precise driving and a suitable torque application.

  • Weight

You should go for a cordless drill that is lightweight and compact. Why? Well, it causes less strain on the muscles and makes the work more efficient. A lightweight drill will enable you to work for a long period of time because fatigue is less likely to set in.

It is a must to consider the tips mentioned above when it comes to choosing a cordless drill. Always remember that the quality of tools can significantly affect the quality work. That is why it is important to use the best tool for every home improvement project. When searching for the best cordless drill, do not forget to take into account the tips mentioned above.

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