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What Factors Make Porcelain Tiles A Worthy Investment?

Amongst the many flooring and tiling options, porcelain tiles are undoubtedly winning the race of popularity. When purchased from reliable suppliers and manufacturers like céramiques porcelaine Carreaux Metro, you get to witness an overwhelmingly huge variety in shape, color, size, and pattern. Clearly, carefully curated porcelain tiles are, thus, a worthy investment.

Why Porcelain?

The properties and benefits of high-quality porcelain from countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain are worth every penny spent. Such some noteworthy benefits of porcelain tiles are given below.

  • Porcelain tiles show high-grade water and frost resistance. It makes them ideal prospects for bathroom floors and walls
  • Porcelain remains largely unaffected by chemical solvents to a great extent. Thus, porcelain tiles are almost stain-proof
  • Their surface – matte, polished, or semi-polished – can be cleaned with plain water as well as solvents to remove stain marks completely
  • Porcelain can be given the finish of wood and real stones. It makes them economical replacements for expensive flooring options
  • These tiles are made very strong; and thus, their surface is not easily damaged or cracked
  • They are easy to maintain and long-lasting

Best Porcelain Tiles For Interiors

When talking about porcelain tiles, it’s necessary to make a mention that nothing beats the quality and finesse of imported porcelain. Some of the best collections that you can buy at Carreaux Metro at affordable rates are given below.

  1. IBEL Collection – The IBEL collection tiles are made of Italian porcelain and given a polished finish. These indoor tiles create a perfect marble illusion and are available in 2 colors, Carrara and Statuario, and 2 patterns, Hexagonal and Mosaic
  2. Alp Stone Collection – Products of Italian porcelain, these semi-polished tiles flaunt a contemporary touch and are available in 3 royal colors, Almond, Black, Gray
  3. Polido Concrete Collection – Made from Portugal porcelain, these tiles are available in 4 colors, Fog, Nut, Smoke, and White. They are squarish semi-polished tiles that are perfect for walls as well as floors
  4. Brig Collection – The Italian tiles from the Brig Collection take inspiration from bricks. They are matte and available in 5 colors, Anthracite, Gray, Cotto Dark, Ivory, and Mocha.
  5. Chalet Collection – Tiles from the Chalet collection draw inspiration from the look, texture, and finish of wood and are made of Italian porcelain. You can cover your walls and floor in the 3 rare shades of these tiles, Artic White, Silver Gray, and Street Blue

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