Upcycling furniture is simply giving a new life to something that is not needed anymore and hence makes it useful and creative. Upcycling has become a growing trend, many people are now going for upcycling, and this is because of its ability to produce unique features. It has also inspired furniture companies who now cannot fail to include the upcycling products in their ranges. You can see our recycled range here, and below are some of the upcycling ideas:

Dresser to the TV console

If you happen to have an old dresser that you might be planning to do away with, that is not the best idea, you can turn it into something useful by removing a number of its drawers hence create shelves, within no time, you will have yourself a TV stand that has storage.

Card catalog credenza

Those sets of card cataloging drawers may sometimes not seem so helpful to you and you might find yourself wondering what you can do with them. But once you get to see how some furniture companies can turn it to an amazing credenza, your opinion about them will definitely change.

Floor mat ottoman

It is very clear that the floor mats do not have furniture that ought to be upcycled, but this does not mean that the mats cannot be repurposed then turned into furniture. The good news is that there are furniture companies who can teach you how to change four-floor mats to a very comfortable stuffed stool which will be very nice for sitting and also resting your feet on.

Log and chair leg end tables

If you happen to have any desk chairs or some lawn chairs which do not have either lawn chair with stands or legs that are still in good condition and their set as are already broken or you just do not want it anymore, upcycling will only be your savior, you should, therefore, don’t get rid of it.

Crib to chalkboard top desk

If your children are in that age which they do not require the crib, you should use the DIY upcycling techniques to make it a play friendly room for them, you can do this by making your baby’s crib to be a desk.

Corkboard to desktop

If you would wish to make your current desktop to be softer, then why not opt for upcycling, and learn how you can transform your hard and regular desktop to a desk that optimizes your crafting.

Upcycling should be fun, so you should not get stressed up if you tried something and did not turn out as you wanted it to be.

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