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Unique Gadgets That Make Perfect Gifts for the Chef in Your Home

It is too late for a Christmas gift but for a gift for another occasion here are a few gadgets for a kitchen. Some are quirky others are a “must have” for the kitchen in any home. And the best news is that they are on sale.

Pie Crust intricate lattice

This dough roller cuts into the pie crust intricate lattice. This is so perfect for any small mini pies as well as bread designs. One of the many kitchen gadgets every kitchen needs.

Leveler of cake slices

Another handy gadget for the cake-baker who loves to make layered cakes. There was a woman who baked a 3-layered cake for her daughter’s birthday – but it fell apart so badly that almost every piece of cake had a toothpick in it to keep the layers together. With this new gadget you can make perfectly leveled 5-layer cakes.

Finger guard

When there are knives in the kitchen there is always the chance of cutting a finger. It is best to stay safe with this tool. This guard that is stainless steel allows the chef in your kitchen to cut to the very edge without worrying about cutting a piece of a finger.

Now let’s look at amazing new arrival of Cool Kitchen Gadgets.

Knife for Avocadoes – 3-1

Avocados are the new food to eat for help in weight loss, high in good nutrition, with antioxidant properties, fruit protein and fiber – even able to prevent strokes. This is the handy tool that cuts, cores, peels and slices avocadoes all in one.

Wooden mugs

There is also a new arrival that is a beautifully minimalistic wooden mug that mixes simple design and functionality. You can enjoy your tea, coffee or other beverage in the purest and uncomplicated manner possible. These wooden mugs also have a sharp look.

Mini Stainless-Steel Teapot Tea Strainer

Another new arrival is an adorable and unique tea strainer– it is a mini teapot shaped strainer. It comes with its own mini “saucer”.

Unique mugs

Put a smile on this mug with a hungry mouth that bites off more than you can chew. Perfect server for coffee and doughnuts, milk and cookies, or tea and biscotti. It is made from porcelain and is perfect for your favorite combination at snacktime.



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