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Understanding the different types of paint sheens

Paint finishes refer to the gloss level of paints. Higher gloss levels will translate to a glossier appearance. People can also think of it as the amount of light reflected in the color. Higher gloss usually reflects more light compared to lower-gloss level pints. When choosing a finish for one or more rooms, people need to factor in the gloss lever into their decision. Places like the living room or the bedroom, are best with a lower sheen coloring. 

High gloss pigments work best for cabinetry and trim. There are some options, and if homeowners are wondering what sheen to use, this article will guide people on how to decide. A reputable professional can be an excellent resource for learning more about different types of glosses and knowing which type is best suitable for a living space.

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Types of paint sheen

There are a lot of potential finishes that can be used for your home. Almost all of them will work in any room in the apartment or house. But some of which are more ideal for specific locations, like high- or low-traffic areas. Knowing the glossier finish reflects more light compared to semi-gloss or no-gloss finish can help people decide on the right one for the project, whether it is a barely used room or the main hallway. Homeowners can even mix and match colors for a more customized look that will suit their needs. There are six kinds of finishes







Choosing the perfect sheen

Whether the homeowner is planning to renovate more than one room or simply want to touch up parts of the house, they need to choose the best finish that suits their needs. When deciding, keep in mind that higher sheens mean higher shine. A shinier and glossier finish tend to be more durable compared to its flatter counterparts.

A reputable professional can help homeowners choose the right finish for their homes. Always remember that flat paints do not shine at all, while high-gloss ones are gleaming. Eggshells, semi-gloss, or satin finishes fall somewhere in between. While some sheens overlap, some are best if they are used in certain spaces.

The most durable among the different types of paint sheens are those with the highest gloss. It is a top choice for spaces involving sticky or dirty fingers like cabinets, doors, or trims. Some of the most practical applications of these finishes are window trims, doors, or the kitchen.

It is essential to complete the necessary preparatory work because it is very easy to see the flaw if you use these types of finishes. Any part of the house with moisture-laden walls are suited for semi-gloss gloss, which also stands up to grease and drips. With an excellent level of durability, it is no surprise that semi-gloss paint sheens are attractive for kitchens, bathrooms, chair rails, and trims.

Satin is easier to clean, as well as livens up the family room’s appearance, foyers, kid’s bedroom, and hallways with its velvety and soft appearance. It is a type of sheen that is considered a safe bet for a lot of high-traffic areas, but it has one disadvantage: it shows some application flaws like those from brush strokes or rollers. While touchups are possible, it can be quite tricky. Satin finishes are also very durable.

Eggshells are not durable compared to their higher-gloss counterparts. But it does an excellent job of concealing most minor imperfections on ceilings and walls. Homeowners will want to use this type of sheen in living rooms and dining rooms, as long as the walls are not usually scratched or bumped. Although it is quite challenging to clean, matte and flat finishes are an excellent choice for spaces with a lot of imperfections and flaws.

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It will also give more coverage, which is excellent for saving money and time. People might need to keep some extra sheen at hand if they want to clean the ceilings and walls thoroughly, as the paint may come off during or after the process. Some ideal uses of this type of finish are in the spaces with the least chance of damage and scuff like kids or adult bedrooms.

Determine the best finish of the project

When homeowners are researching different kinds of finishes, the next step is to know what fits for the project. Consider how effective the desired paint color on a particular sheen type. For instance, if you are thinking of using a more vibrant and darker paint but do not want it to be gleaming, go with medium gloss. Fuller and darker paints usually have more colorant, which enhances the sheen.


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