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Types of Ceiling Fans

In most tropical countries, having a ceiling fan is a must to beat the humidity. It is comforting, and the circulation of air is ideal for having a pleasant experience. Ceiling fans are available in different styles and it is important that you choose the right fan that suits your home.

Discussed below are the different types of ceiling fans available for your home or office.

Types of ceiling fans:

  • Standard ceiling fans:

Standard ceiling fans are the ones you find is almost all homes. They are versatile and are available in a number of different styles, patterns, and colors that suit the needs of any décor. A common feature of standard fans is the finishing look it comes with it- nickel, bronze, black, white, natural, Auburn etc. These fans have 5 blades and come with a built-in light fixture. These ceiling fans with lights can be personalized and can be altered to fit your requirement.  To buy the best ceiling fans, visit www.crestarfan.com.sg.

  • Low profile ceiling fans:

Low profile ceiling fans are also called hugger fans or flush mount ceiling fans. These fans are generally used for houses with low ceilings. Most of these fans come with 3 blades and can be customized to only a limited extent. However, the air circulation is not great on its own, but it does a good job circulating heated or air-conditioned air.

  • Dual motor ceiling fans:

Dual motor ceiling fans are ceiling fans with two motors that are horizontally attached to each other with the help of a rod. Each end has an adjustable fan head. Each of these fans can be set at different speeds. These modern ceiling fans are decorative and add to the show of a room. These fans also circulate more air and cover a wider area compared to normal fans. They can also be put outdoors are they are able to serve well in damp and wet situations as well.  

  • Damp and wet ceiling fans:

Fans for an outdoor place, especially if humid need to be damp or wet fans. The motors of these fans resist damages that are caused due to humidity, moisture, and water. These fans are widely available in exotic styles, contemporary styles, as well as traditional styles. They are ideal for covered patios, covered porches, and sunrooms. These fans are usually made from materials like bamboo, palm leaves or other natural products as they are all weatherproof.  Check out how we make fans for all weathers.

  • Remote controlled ceiling fans:

Remote controlled ceiling fans are a great option for houses with high ceilings and large spaces like restaurants, auditoriums, and stores. Some of these fans also come with lights that can be controlled using the same remote that is used to control the switching on and off and speed of the fan. Some of the remote controlled fans have a very wide range of control of up to 40 or 50 feet. They also come with a switch control for back up.

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