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Try these trending styles to renovate your bathroom

For some people in Toronto, their bathroom is one of the most peaceful and de-stressing places in the entire home. So, they are also as important as other parts of your home to be kept in good and stylish condition. If you are considering renovating it then you can hire a good agency for bathroom Renovation and Repair contractors in Toronto. However, if you are confused about what kind of changes you should make in your bathroom then you can try these best and trending bathroom styles of the year.

Black and Grey are the trend – Decorating your bathroom with colorful and designer tiles is too old school and this is probably never coming back to trend, at least not anytime soon. Today, the classic bathroom styles are more about black and grey. They make your bathroom look big and royal and if you pair up the decor, faucet and other fixture then it will intensify the look of your bathroom even more. The reason behind it is that they are darker shades and represent a bolder look thus these colors in their bathroom are loved by everyone.

Vintage look with brass and gold – Authentic look can never go out of style, especially when it is about gold and brass look. You can turn your bathroom into a heaven by choosing this style.  It is warm tone and is completely averted version of what is suggested in the above paragraph. If you like calm and warm reflections in your bathroom then you can decorate it with white marbles which is the perfect combination for brass and gold faucets and fittings. If you have a little more budget and want to spend good then you can try gold taps and gold finish toilet seats, shower head, bathtub, etc. You can also get marbles with gold carvings.     

Futuristic Bathroom – Not just your phones and TV but bathrooms are also getting smarter with time. You can turn your simple bathroom into a futuristic one with perfect combination of smart bathroom filings and accessories. If you are a tech freak then you are going to love your bathroom with these highly advanced gadgets like sensor taps, shower heads with lights and wall speaker, LCD screen, etc. You can also install high-tech toilet seats, in which you get features like hot/cold washlets, timer, nozzle pressure, nozzle direction, flush, deodorizer, etc. and all these features can be controlled with buttons. 

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