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Top Reasons To Get A Generator For Your Home Security System

     Power outages are not only an inconvenience, they can be a security risk, putting your home and your family in danger. You can spend thousands on a state of the art, advanced home security system with specialised outdoor lighting, but it won’t matter if the power goes out. With more and more homes being built and neighbourhoods growing, widespread brownouts occur on an almost regular basis around the country. Thieves know this and they plan on it. They will stalk a particular neighbourhood and decide which homes look like the best targets. When they see a home security system, they will typically avoid that home. That is, until the power goes out. Then it becomes a “shopping spree” for them as they break into homes undetected and take any valuables they see fit.

     How can you avoid having this happen to your home during a power outage? By installing a backup generator, you home security system will always have the power it needs to protect your home, your family and your belongings.

     There are many backup generators available in a wide range of sizes and styles designed to suit any home. From portable versions, to “standby” and inverter models, home generators can provide the power your home and your home security system needs during an emergency. Power outages can occur for any reason and being prepared is your best line of defense against theft, vandalism and fire.

More Reasons To Have A Home Generator

     Besides being able to power your home security system and outdoor lighting, a home generator is also useful if:

You Have Well Water- if your home receives its water from a well, without power, you won’t have water to drink or bathe in.

You Have A Sump Pump- sump pumps are used in many older homes to keep the basement from flooding during heavy rains or winter thaws.

You Work From Home- more and more people are working from home and relying on their power to remain on so they can provide their services to their clients.

You Live In A High-Risk Or Severe Climate Area- certain areas of the country can experience extremely hot or cold temperatures which can lead to potentially hazardous situations if the power suddenly goes out.

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