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Top and Valuable Reasons to Install LED Strip Lights

Home renovation projects are intended to increase comfort or fix safety issue or upgrade function or increase efficiency.

For extra comfort you can consider home additions, especially if there is space to extend. Thus, space shortcomings can get resolved. You can opt for open plan to suit your lifestyle or create small spaces for specific purposes.

Energy-efficiency homes are more appealing to buyers because energy cost is decreased. Switching from traditional incandescent lights to eco-friendly options is wise.

CFLs and LED bulbs are good examples of energy efficient lighting but even consider LED strip lights. These are functional, safe, durable and available in range of colours, which can be used decoratively in different ways.

Reasons to use strip LED lighting

  • Easy to install because strips have adhesive on their back for quick ‘peel and stick’.
  • Superior energy efficient source because uses 50% less energy than CFLs and 75% less than incandescent lights.
  • Unlike bulbs strip LED lights are flexible. They can be attached to corners or curved surfaces.
  • LED lights are designed for durability. They can withstand heavy vibrations, external impacts and harsh conditions.
  • LED lights unlike fluorescent don’t contain mercury, so no need for special disposal.
  • Eco friendly option because it uses less energy and is durable. In addition, no harsh chemicals are used.
  • Strip LED releases less heat, so good option for using in heat sensitive areas like in kid’s bedroom.
  • Waterproof LED ribbons can be used in outdoor areas or on boats or in fish tanks.
  • Strip LED can be installed under cabinet or on the ceiling creatively.
  • Light produced have warm hues and bright cool tones. Besides different solid colours, you can select colour-changing strip LED.
  • The life expectancy of LED lights is 50,000 hours. They don’t burn out like standard lighting but become less bright.
  • Low UV emissions allow them to be used around light sensitive artworks
  • You can expect better light disperse effect from high-quality LED light strips.
  • Fluorescent bulbs need to heat up for illuminating and CFLs flicker but LED lights give instant lighting.
  • Technology has made LED lights with capabilities to dim, so as to create perfect ambiance and mood.

With strip LED lights allow your imagination to run wild!

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