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Top 5 Countries Known For Manufacturing Rugs

Rugs are manufactured all around the world in different countries. But as there are always some countries on the top of manufacturing something, likewise here is the case of rugs manufacturing. Here in this article, we’ve listed down 5 countries which are known when it comes to industry of manufacturing of rugs.


India is a huge country and home to a lot of businesses and manufacturing units that export their products thought the world. When it comes to the manufacturing of rugs, India comes to be at the first position in the world. You can find the manufacturing plants of all kinds of rugs in India. India manufacture handmade cheap kids rugs, traditional and cultural rugs and as well as the modern rugs made using high tech machines, There is a special thing about the India Rugs market, and that is variety and even more than this, diversity in the variety.


Pakistan is also not behind India, when it comes to the manufacturing of Rugs. Pakistan is also known in the whole world for their traditional rugs. Pakistan exports rugs to a lot of western countries every year and they are quite popular in other areas of the world as well. Likewise India, they also have a lot of diversity in the variety of their rugs. You can buy top quality cheap rugs at Furnish my Place – Visit their Official site – https://www.furnishmyplace.com


Afghanistan’s Rugs are something popular from a long time before the other countries even might not have started to manufacture the rugs. You might have hear about various Afghani Stories about the magical carpets and so on. You can imagine from those stories, the history of Afghanistan’s Rugs. They can be called as global leader in the market of traditional rugs. Afghanistan can also be called as the origin country. There were a lot of factories before in Afghanistan which were later shifted to countries like Pakistan.

European Countries

There are many countries in Europe which manufacture Rugs according to the specific requirement of various countries. For example, UK rugs manufacture, made rugs that are preferable to their country people. Likewise rugs are made across and in various countries of Europe. When we sum up all these rugs manufacturers of Europe, the numbers comes to be great. Rugs manufactured by European countries leads to modernity. Like other top countries manufactures more traditional rugs but European industry is focused on the manufacturing the rugs as per the modern home needs.


Last but not the least, the USA is progressing very fast in terms of the market of manufacturing Rugs, all over the world, becoming a global leader soon. The quality of rugs manufactured in the USA is just great. They make use of the most modern machinery to manufacture the rugs and fulfil the needs of country people as well as the needs of people of other countries. One special thing about USA rugs market is that, they have a strong online market. No other country, as strong online rugs market as USA. Thus, they have a good potential to sell their rugs throughout the globe. They make metal floor registers also.

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