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To Trim Or To Remove? Signs You Should Know

Should you trim or remove that big tree in your yard? Know the basic signs to create a practical decision!

When to trim the trees

Seems like a simple task, tree pruning actually kills much time. Hence, it is essential to ask help from experts like Amico to ensure you are not damaging your tree and your property.

But the main concern is when to trim best your trees? If any of these signs are starting to occur, then trimming is immediately needed.

  • Branches are damaged – may be due to heavy wind or snow. If not tended to instantaneously, this can pose serious problems.
  • Stressed trees – can have various causes (e.g. too little or too much water). Such common symptoms of a stressed tree include discolored or small leaves.
  • Deadwood – one of the visible signs that a tree requires trimming. Huge deadwood pieces can sometimes cause risks. This is one sign of a dying tree.
  • Deep and extreme cracks – a one or more crack in the bark of your tree indicates that the tree is dying or sick. Do not disregard this cause, or else the rot will start to spread.
  • Trees are deformed – doesn’t allocate its weight in proportion, resulting in property damage and breakage.
  • Growing very large – once occurs and you decide to trim the tree, you must be careful since cutting limbs that are healthy can harm your tree.
  • Crossing branches – causes loss of lives in a yard and damage your property.
  • Wandering branches – denotes to wild branches or untamed branches that reach the home. These should be trimmed as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your telephone lines or house. They may cause expensive damages as well.
  • Dead leader branch – can be one or numerous leader branches depending on the kind of tree. Proper trimming to choose the main leader branch will make it more workable.
  • Uninhibited growth – results in heavy branches that can eventually cause damage.

When to remove the trees

Now, when to know if a tree needs to remove? You are advised to begin looking at the root. Know what could be befalling at the root’s base before working up at the tree. Among the signs of a damaged tree that indicates it should be removed are as follows:

  • Hanging or dead branches within the upper crown.
  • Cracks and shedding or fragmented cracks in the trunk
  • The decay-producing fungus that grows at the trunk’s base, like mushrooms
  • Heaving soil below the canopy or at the base of the trunk
  • Massive scaffold branches or trunk cavities.

Most importantly, removal should be carried out if the tree in your yard has already died. In any of these cases, you should consult a specialized arborist to help you check the trees for damage and know the best solutions for a beautiful landscape.

Whether to trim or to remove your tree, allow the expert tree surgeon Sydney from Amico to decide and do the job on your behalf. Call them today!

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