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Tips to Choose the Ideal Carpet for Your Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the home-gathering place, as you prepare your food and eat with your family and loved ones. Whether you have a wooden floor in your kitchen, tile or mosaic, you can add a rug to make it even more beautiful.

Follow the tips below to choose the ideal carpet for your kitchen, which besides utility will be a great decorative element.

A very basic point and a move from theory into practice is to choose where you want to put the carpet. These points are usually at the entrance of the kitchen, under the dining area, in front of the refrigerator, in front of the sink or the oven, in other words, those sites that receive the most traffic.

Be sure to match the existing decoration

Whether you are looking for a small-sized carpet that is ideal to put it under the sink, or a larger carpet covering the central surface of your kitchen, it is important to fit the surrounding area. Keep in mind the floor, the kitchen table, and even your items that it is sure that you have bought from HouseByUs. If for example your kitchen colors are warm, such as orange, and your wooden floor, choose a natural carpet.

Choose a rug that is easy to clean

The kitchen is an area that easily dries the carpet. Especially, if you are a malicious cook, it is very easy for your carpet to fill stains. So choose a waterproof mat or a rug that can be placed in the washing machine. It’s a smart and practical solution to easily wash it and reuse it. A plastic kitchen mat is also a good solution, as it is cleaned very easily.

Look for non-staining carpets

While, as we said above, many carpets are easy to get in the laundry and clean, non-staining carpets are also an ideal choice. You can find them in various colors and designs and prefer them if you have children or pets. You can also put them in the washing machine or clean them by hand to remove dried foods or various stuffs stuck over.

Select anti-slip rugs

If you have a slip floor, which is most likely to happen in the kitchen, it is important to consider it for carpet selection. Anti-slip rugs are designed in such a way that they stay in place when you push them, so you do not have to worry about slipping. If, however, you find a carpet that you like very much but glides, it is always possible to use it in conjunction with a non-slip substrate.

Another central tip is to choose a carpet that is antistatic, ie its thread has undergone such treatment that it does not develop static electricity, so it will not magnet fluids and dust, the kitchen will be kept cleaner and thus the fluff and dust will be easily absorbed by the vacuum cleaner and will not find the bacteria and fungi to grow and thus cause allergies.

Another point to consider when purchasing a carpet for your kitchen is whether it is certified for non-allergenic dyes and antibacterial from valid institutes (look for product certification code). The kitchen is an environment that we must take special care of and keep it as clean as possible for our better hygiene.

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