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Three Reasons To Keep Your Chimney Clean

A crackling fire brings the image of cozy nights inside curled up with your favorite person or a book. Hot tea or coffee warms you as you lie beneath a thick blanket. Until you start choking on the smoke coming from the fireplace or see flames licking hotter and brighter than they should. Keeping your chimney clean and properly maintained is important for safe fireplace use.

Chimney Fires

A dirty chimney can lead to chimney fires. Hire a company that does chimmney cleaning in Washington DC for annual cleaning. Soot and debris build up in the chimney and can catch fire. When they do, the fire can be explosive with loud popping noises and dense smoke. Slow chimney fires can burn for some time and go undetected making regular cleaning a priority for many homeowners.

Carbon Monoxide

If the chimney is blocked from debris or a damaged flue, carbon monoxide doesn’t escape the home and enters the home. The odorless gas poisons people leading to about 4,000 lives lost annually in the US. The clear gas typically causes flu-like symptoms at first, but these symptoms are often overlooked during the winter months. Having your chimney inspected and cleaned annually can remove any obstructions prior to use.

Creosote Buildup

When wood burns, the combusting wood produces gases, tar fog, smoke, assorted minerals, unburned wood particles and water vapor. Wood burning stoves and chimneys are designed to expel these by-products, but they can condense in the cooler chimney and stick to the walls. The creosote or buildup is highly combustible.

A chimney fire is no joke. An explosive fire can destroy homes and cause harm and death to people and pets. No to mention, a fire even slow burning in the chimney damages the structure causing potentially more problems. A chimney sweeper can let you know if there is damage to the flue or chimney itself due to an undetected fire.

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