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Three of the Most Common Hard Wood Types Used in Modern Home Furnishings

Whether you build homes or furniture, you know that hardwood is the most durable, the best type of wood to use in your craft.  Obviously, these are strong, which ensure that whatever you build will endure the ages. More importantly, perhaps, you will also know that what you make might even improve, esthetically, over time.  After all, hard woods can remain strong for quite a long time, often never needing replacement even after several generations.

Here are the four most common types of Woodspec.ca precut aspen pallet lumber:


Oak is easily the most common type of hard wood lumber.  It is used in several different industries thanks to both its strength and its beauty.  It is most often used for making household items like cabinets and furniture but you can also find it is common to doors, decks, patios, and housing trim.

Available in two natural colors, oak has a grainy appearance that can darken over time if you stain it:

  • Red Oak can naturally range in color from light brown to dull pink; has a swirl pattern
  • White Oak has a natural color of off white to white with yellow rays with yellow flecks; has a tiger-stripe pattern


Maple is also pretty strong, and probably equally as popular.  You will know maple by its appearance:  creamy white with a similarly creamy texture that appears supple, despite the fact it is among the hardest hard woods.  Its strength and appearance make it ideal for furniture like bedroom dressers and even kitchen cabinets.

Another excellent benefit of maple is that it may actually be more affordable than oak. This has also helped to make maple a commonly used building material in many industries as well as in family crafts, too.  Actually, families may find that maple furniture is better than oak (or other woods) because it holds stains much better and you can seal it (to withstand rain and other moisture).


Cherry is quite different, with fine, straight grains with a well-known reddish-brown tone.  Its trademark look (and strength) makes cherry wood a popular choice for carved chairs, tables, and cabinets.  

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