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Three Kitchen Trends You Should Reconsider

Home remodel trends come and go, just like all other fashionable things. Yes, trends do manage to stick around for much longer than you might expect, but that does not mean they will definitely be around forever. When it comes to home remodeling, then, these three kitchen trends might have slightly overstayed their welcome.

With that, lets take a look at what they are and also consider the detailed Cuisines Rosemère renovation cuisine alternatives instead.


It might seem like a good idea to relocate the microwave the countertop to over the range in your kitchen remodel, but this trend is on its way out.  While this concept has been pretty popular over the years, home buyers are growing savvy to universal design principles and this includes setting up appliances that are accessible to everyone.  

INSTEAD:  With families getting busier and busier, children are microwaving food (as are teens) as part of their meals.  Whether you food prep for the week or supply your freezer with healthy frozen meals that just need a quick “nuke” having a microwave on a cabinet underside or even in a lower cupboard or drawer might be more helpful for those who would use it most.


Hanging pot racks seem convenient, and they can look pretty cool, too. Unfortunately, this setup has a similar problem as the over-the-range microwave in that it is not accessible to everyone. While the concept might seem like a space saver, it can be an eye sore in certain kitchens.  Also, this is not the safest place to store what could be dangerous falling objects, particularly if you have very little ones.

INSTEAD:  Store pots and pans neatly in a wide and deep cupboard.  If you have a kitchen island (above which you used to store the hanging pot rack), opening one side and storing your dishes and other flatware can help open up some cupboards, if you are limited on space.


Another trend that has been on the rise for the past decade or so, farmhouse sinks are getting to be somewhat archaic again. It is not so much that they are impractical—as their oversized presence ensures more efficient use, overall—but the throwback charm is losing its luster, so to speak.

INSTEAD:  A standard sink—but stainless steel—is practical in both function and fashion.

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