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Things to remember while handling with cement products

Presence of adhesive products in the cement will cause skin disease and damages to the workers who are used to work with cement product without knowing about the precautions. Among the different building materials, cement product is the most used material to build constructions. Cement products are widely used for various purposes to construct as a floor, concrete blocks, pavement, walls and few more. Take a look at this documented article as a guide to know the precautions and safety measures to use cement products.

Ranges of cement products

Types of cement product will be described by based on the purpose, wet cement product; dry cement product is the notable products which cause damages to the skin. Thousands of employees are daily used to work on cement product in the different regions, without knowing about the hazardous caution to skin.

Avoid direct skin contact

While comparing the ranges of cement, wet cement product is a hazardous thing than dry cement to damage skin cells from the human body. If you work with cement products, cover your body fully with clothes, use hand gloves, full bottom and cover your face with a mask. In case if the cement product contacts your skin wash off it using the certain product to get rid of burns. If you don’t take care of that you might get cautious by skin ulcers, burns in different degree.  

There are three different degrees of skin burns will be caused by cement product to your skin, you have to take treatment at the starting stage when you notice the first burn else it will fully damage your skin and make ways to get skin and other diseases.

Avoid eye contact

Use sunglass or goggles while working with cement, It causes an immediate reaction to the eye than affecting your skin even it may tend your sight to blindness. Use the mask on face and nose to avoid inhalation of cement, while you inhale that you get difficulty on breathing and also choking.

Prevention methods to take

  • Prefer to use water alkali boots or shoes to get better contact to stand in concrete and alkali gloves to safeguard your hand and fingers.
  • Wear a tight-fitting coated dress to cover your entire body over your wearing of layers will avoid skin contact.
  • Suitable pieces of equipment of eye protection, a respiratory mask may endanger your sense of organs to work in fresh cement products.
  • Once you get to notice the contact of cement in a body or sensitive organs, you should wash off it with cold water until you feel comfort from discomfort zone. Especially if cement contact with the eye, treat with the tap running cold water on eyes at least for 15 minutes. Immediately change your dress when you feel cement gets contact on body parts and take a bath.

Practices to work

Keep cement products from moisture place to avoid clumps, and don’t place the empty cement bag on concrete. Protect the bag from falling or dropping off while traveling or working in construction. Store the full or remained cement products in a separate place.

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