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Things to Look for In a Self-Storage Unit

You have finally made the decision to go out and get a self-storage unit for your items. That is the easy part of the decision-making process, the hard part will be to determine the things that you will want in a self-storage place. These can be things that matter to you or simple little extras that you would like to have at your disposal. We will look at these things and help you to determine the items that are vital for you and the ones that you really could forgo if you had to. Let’s start with the most obvious topic and that is safety.


Your stuff is precious to you and you need to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure. The measures that a place have in place will be important as you do not want to use a place that seems to be lax on their security measures. One thing you need to ask is how does a person gain access to the storage units area? If it is an area that is unsecure, then that might be a problem. the best places are those that have a gate that is controlled by a keypad that is not easy to bypass. In addition, look for places that have a security guard that patrols the grounds at night when no one is around.

How secure are the units themselves, do they provide you a lock or are you allowed to bring your own? This is another important question that you need to make sure that you look at closely. If you are allowed to bring your own lock, this will be a little4 more safe and secure. You also need to look at the amounts of lights that are on the property and if they are functional. your safety is just as important and you need to feel safe when you are going to get things out of a unit.

Other features

A self storage Cambridge facility will also have a number of other features such as remote access to the gate via your smartphone. This will mean that your access will be even easier and as such will give you a better sense of security. In addition to this, you also will want to look at the option of auto renewal of your unit. This helps you to not have to worry about making a payment every month. Many of these places will offer this option for you to use to make your life a lot easier.

Taking any or all of these things into account, will help you to make sure that you are getting a good rental space for your excess stuff that you are putting into storage. Talk to the person that is working at any of these places and see what they offer as opposed to the other places in the area. the best one will be the place that meets all of your needs and gives you a lot of extras for the same price as their competitors.

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