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Things to know before choosing marbles for your floor

Marble arise from the transformation of existing rock types. Marble is a metamorphic rock and it is composed of calcite or dolomite and recrystallized carbonate materials. Marble is used for building material and carving sculptures. Marble can withstand extreme heat; it has come in its own lowest maintenance cost.

Marble is slightly stronger than limestone and it is less porous. Depending on the mineral combination and limestone with marble, the rates of marble can vary according to the hardness scale. You have to choose the best marble adhesive for flooring your home.

Marble flooring for home décor

  • With the introduction of the latest systems and sophisticated equipment, there has been an important improvement in the entire marble manufacturing. The reason why marble is preferred over other stones is that it offers a wonderful offer of end and it seems very stylish and amazing in any family. Marble plays a major role in decorating your homes and it is also used for statues, tiles, equipment, staircases, kitchens, bogs, etc.
  • Today, marble is utilized in home exteriors. Architects create a special out of doors location with the support of marble that will give pleasure for many years to occur. Marble stone is recommended for both home and commercial uses. Marbles stones are becoming used in toilets and kitchen areas.

Restoration of marble stones

Everyone needs to have the perfect and shiny floor that will awe their house guests. It can be really difficult to maintain the precious marble stones and other natural stone that can be damaged easily. If it is not maintained properly, marble can become damaged and it loses its shine.

The best thing you have to do in such a situation is to hire a professional marble and a stone restoration company to do regular maintenance and ask them to service the stones in your home. This way the marble stones will not look only shiny and beautiful but also last longer.

Properties of marble stones

Marble properties are taken into consideration when you are about to decide which marble will be suitable for your home? Here a list of properties is given below:


Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed of limestone after applying heat and pressure in the earth’s crust with a geographical process. The formation of marble stone stakes place under the extreme pressure and temperature and this process is known as recrystallization of limestone.


Marble stones are stronger than limestone and it is distinguished based on hardness ranges from 1 to 10. It possesses the hardness of 1-3 is called soft rocks and it possesses the hardness of 6-10 is known as hard rocks.


Marble stones are generally of white and black color and it can also be colored as per your need. Marbles with more impurities are white and it is used for whitening purposes.


Marble stones are inflammable and dense and it is resistant to fire. For flooring your home with marble stones, it is important to consider the marble adhesive which lasts long for much time.

Bottom line

Marbles are best for use in every day. Nowadays all classes of people appear to transform their houses through distinctive and substantial-conclude stone products.

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