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Things to consider when repairing damaged shingles

Minor roof repairs are not that rare. For instance, removing a couple of damaged shingles is a regular roof repair job. Even if the job involves removing two shingles, you must do it at your earliest because even a slight leak can lead to a considerable disaster. Mentioned below are important things you should remember when repairing damaged shingles.

  • Get rid of the damaged shingle (or shingles)

Find a flat bar to make this job easier. The shingle is glued to the roof frame and you should loosen it with the flat bar. If the roof is pretty old, you should break the shingles instead of trying to take it apart. If it is a new roof, however, you should separate the damaged shingle carefully.

  • Get rid of the nails

Now that you have removed the damaged shingles, you should remove the nails that were holding the shingles. First, locate the nails and use the flat bar under the shingles and get rid of the nails in a gentle manner. After getting rid of the nails, you should pull the shingle out. If required, you should remove the nails of the neighboring shingles as well.

  • Put the new shingle in

Now, replace the old shingles with new ones. Make sure that the shingle is positioned at the place where the damaged shingle was. Nail the shingle with a hammer. Make sure that the nails are placed at the top and the bottom of the shingle. Generally, each shingle comes with four nails. Just make sure to nail them all. Avoid the old holes when applying the nails.

  • Use a sealant

You should now apply some sealant as well. You will see that glue is located on the lowest edge of the shingle (towards the bottom). As a result of the heat, the shingle will automatically attach to the roof with glue. Glue the compromised holes that were left behind when nailing.

Make sure that you replace the old roof with a new one instead of trying to repair the broken shingles. Make sure that you paint the replaced shingle with an appropriate color so no difference will be there.

This article was provided by D’Angelo & Sons Roofing and Exteriors.


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