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Things That Will Help Buy a Good Bed Sheet

These days, you get numerous options while buying bed sheets; therefore sometimes you get overwhelmed with the choices. You can consider a few simple things and end up buying a perfect bed sheet for your bed. Bed sheets are not just sheets to cover beds, but also they play an essential role for your sleep and decorating bedrooms. Therefore, it needs a few efforts while selecting a particular bed sheet, so that you get most out of it. While choosing the right color, style and pattern will help choose the right bed sheet, there several more things to help you choose durable and comfortable bed sheets. We have listed a few things that will make sure that you are investing in the right bed sheet.

  1. Know the measurement of your bed

The first and foremost thing you need to do is know the bed size. The most common bed sheet sizes available in the market are queen and king size. However, there is a slight variance with the absolute measurements of the convenient size in the store. Therefore, it is better to know the measurements before buying the bed sheet and verify it with your bed size. Measure the dimensions properly like length and breath, and also the thickness of the mattress. Most of the online stores provide a size guide or sheeting sizing dimensions in the product details so that the customers can buy the exact size bed sheets for their beds.

  1. Know the Thread Count of the bed sheets

Thread count is a buzz word while advertising the bed sheets and you will see them almost where ever when buying the bed sheets. Thread count means the number of threads weaved per inch square in both the directions. You must have heard this that the more the thread counts, the softer and luxurious the bed sheets are. But there is something more about the thread count that you must know. Thread counts between 200 and 400 thread count are softer, but anything above the 400 is most of the time  are the number of piles or each fiber added to make one thread. So think twice before investing in higher thread count bed sheets, if you have less budget because you can get a softer bed sheet even with 200 to 400 thread count also.


  1. Decide what type of bed sheets you need

Deciding the material of the bed sheet is one of the most significant factors for your comfort. Finding a comfortable bed sheet will help you sleep better. There are various types of bed sheets like

  • Eco-friendly bamboo
  • Linen
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Percale
  • Cotton
  • -Egyptian Cotton
  • Microfiber and many more

Choose the one that fits into your requirements.

  1. Choose the style and color

When deciding the color and style of the bed sheets, it can go perfect if you choose it according to your bedroom decor. Choose the color that can go good with your bedroom color. If you are buying it for your kids, going with colorful or interesting pattern bed sheets will be a great option.

  1. Check the Laundering Instruction

To make sure your bed sheets last longer, you need to wash it as per the manufacturer recommends. Therefore, to make sure your bed sheets are durable, check the laundering instruction and know what you need to care for your bed sheets.

  1. from Where to Buy

You can get quality bed sheets both in department stores as well as online stores. If you are searching for regular trends and pattern, you can easily get it in department stores. But if you are searching for endless options, go online and shop hundreds or thousands of styles and trends while purchasing the bed sheets.









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