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The Ultimate Man Cave!

As anyone who lives with their wife or girlfriend will tell you, you don’t get much of a say in how the house looks. Not unless you have a particular passion for interior design, at any rate. No matter what you say, the missus isn’t going to let you mount the dartboard in the living room and your big leather recliner clashes with the sofa. If all this sounds familiar, it looks like you need a man cave! And the best place for your man cave to be is going to be in the basement! Don’t have a basement? Well, it could be worth getting your basement construction started, because there are some pretty major perks to having your Man Cave in the ground.

For starters, you can get a bar in there. Setting up a bar/pub environment is sure to go down great with your mates when they stop by and it’ll make hanging out at the house like a more relaxed version of going to the pub. With a snooker table, a dartboard and, of course, a fridge to keep the beers cold: you can have tons of fun just hanging out in a pub themed man cave.

But there is that one staple everyone needs in a man cave, and that is the Big TV. Everyone wants the Big TV in their man cave but why not go one step further and make it a whole Home Cinema deal? You tend to get plenty of space in a basement, more than you’d get in the garage, and you can use this space to host a small screening with a suitably big TV, enough recliners and a great sound system! Of course, the beauty of doing this in the basement if you’ll get natural sound proofing so you don’t need to worry too much about the noise!

That advantage translates across quite a few different options; thinking of using the space so you and your old bandmates can practice? Not a problem in the basement man cave. Planning to have a few friends over to watch a game? You won’t need to keep it on mute and whisper if you’re in the basement. Plus, if you put the bar in from earlier, you won’t even need to head upstairs to get the beers! The other flipside of the soundproofing is that it goes both ways- if you need to get away for a bit, the lack of noise from upstairs and the street will be a welcome respite.

If that’s not your speed, making it into an underground games room or a workshop/garage deal is also a great option with the extra space you’re likely to have compared to the garage or a spare room. With easy access from the house proper and plenty of room to make the space your own whatever your interests, the best place in the house for your man cave is always going to be the basement and, if you need more room, you can always do a bit of expansion. Plus, it’s just cooler having your space in a cave under the house. If it’s good enough for Batman!

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