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The Risks of Buying a House without a Real Estate Agent

If you are a millennial, you will never risk buying a house without the help of a proper agent. In a year, only 10 to 20 percent of the transactions are completed without the help of a professional realtor.

The most common reason to crack a lockout deal is to save money but if things go wrong, one can find themselves trapped in the most frustrating situation. People tend to lose millions just because of their perception that paying a commission would incur them unnecessary costs.

Let us explain to you the possible risks of working without any of the real estate agents in Georgia:

Lack of Neighborhood Knowledge

Most of the real estate agents who have been in the field for at least a few years have ample knowledge of different neighborhoods in the city. Considering your distinct requirements, they’ll be able to find such a home which suits all your needs. They would know where are the best schools or which area has the lowest crime rate. Unless you have lived your entire life in a certain area, there is no way that you can know more than them.

Negotiation and Making Offers

Irrespective of how long you have lived in an area, you would still not be aware of the real estate market conditions. A professional has deep knowledge regarding all the aspects of his concerned sector, therefore, he will be able to create a better deal. He would know the current market conditions along with the factors which govern them. Moreover, they would know how to communicate and convince the other party.

Deciphering the Paperwork

Buying or selling a property comes with a lot of paperwork and complications. It is not a piece of cake to understand all the content enlisted in these files and only an agent can help you in understanding the complex terms. Without knowing the difference between disclosure and an agreement, how can you even think of signing such important papers?

Determining the Inspection Types

Without the help of a proper real estate agent, you would not even have an idea regarding what kind of inspections should be carried out in the house. A professional will not only guide you about these small details but will also put you in contact with the people who are responsible for carrying out such jobs. A regular buyer would never be able to spot problems like wet basement, presence of mold, or out of order drainage system.


To put yourself out of as much trouble as possible and to minimize your risks while making such a huge investment, always hire the services of a real estate agent.

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