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The Reason behind Choosing the Sash Windows for You Now

For much lighter roof areas or flexible and large-scale glazing of the facade provide electrically controlled sliding windows. Special roof sliding windows by the manufacturer, with a maximum height of seven meters, can be lined up horizontally in any number. Vertically, no more than three of the glass elements can be combined on top of each other even in ideal installation situations.

External Windows

External sash windows London are part of the sliding windows and can be mounted close to the glass. They remain effective even when the sun is at an angle. There are no hinged casements in the systems. The connection of a weather station with rain and wind sensor is possible – then the windows close automatically when needed. According to the manufacturer, the sliding windows are quiet and available in all RAL colors, anodized or two-tone coated. An insect repellent belongs to the accessories.

Powerful Windows

The windows have become so powerful that we owe them a lot in terms of comfort at home. Thanks to them, we take advantage of large openings without fear of cold or overheating. To choose your windows, first determine your needs, comfort summer and winter, noise, security, ventilation, there are as many windows as situations. Here are some trends and landmarks to choose your new windows.

A new window changes everything at home: the thermal comfort, the aesthetics of the room but also the acoustics and ventilation. When choosing your joinery, ask yourself the right questions: what is the orientation of the bay? Is street noise a problem? Do you have particular constraints (condominium, ABF area)? What budget can you devote to the project? Which material would fit best with the aesthetics of the house: aluminum, wood, PVC? Finally, it is essential that the installation is up to the height, the choice of the installer is decisive.

Windows, room by room

Do not look for standard equipment that fits anywhere, but choose a window that fits the room, the orientation of the bay and your lifestyle. For the bathroom, preserve privacy with frosted glass or an integrated blind. If there is mechanical ventilation in the room, do not install a ventilation grille on the window, this would disturb the flow of air.

For the bedroom, consider pairing traditional opening and tilt-and-turn opening. You will be able, in the heart of the summer, to sleep the window opened in full safety. In the kitchen, especially if it is small, the opening can be troublesome, especially above the sink. Opt for a sliding window (one panel behind the other) or, more rare but beautiful, a sash window.  Finally, if you have a high ceiling and windows out of reach, do not hesitate to motorize. The system is not reserved for roof windows.

Opt for the right window

For a good level of comfort, adapt the glazing according to the orientation of the room. For a large sash windows London full north, no hesitation, you need a triple glazing. Conversely, for a bay facing south and a room that climbs very quickly in summer temperature, choose a solar control glazing, it blocks up to 80% solar gain. If the window is facing a noisy street, install an acoustic glazing (two glasses of different thicknesses, one of which is laminated) and insist, when replacing, for a total removal, which consists of completely removing the old window. The seal is redone and the sound does not pass.

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