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The Qualities of Long-Lasting Barns

When a storm hit, the barn was the building that received the most damages. In some storms, the barn was lifted up off the ground or demolished by strong winds. Today, modern construction techniques are improving the ways that barns are built. Homeowners are renting or buying barns that last longer than the ones made a decade ago. They are becoming more aware of the qualities that make strong, durable barns.

Strong Wood

The type of wood that is used to construct buildings is important. Its natural strength and thickness determines the lifespan of your barn. Lumber consists mainly of pine, cedar, oak and cypress trees that are found outdoors and survive in the harshest weather conditions. Cypress trees grow in swamps, so builders use their wood to make patio furniture.

Engineered wood is becoming more popular as it is specially designed. Manufacturers combine different types of wood to create stronger, longer lasting materials. The wood is custom made to fit specific measurements and design requirements. Engineered wood is used in placement of steel in some buildings.

It’s also important that the wood is properly sealed. The sealant adds a thick layer of protection to the wood and prevents it from forming cracks and splinters. A long crack on the surface could deepen if water seeps into it. In cold conditions, it freezes and expands to break the wood apart. 

Sturdy Foundation

The foundation is the most important element of all barns and sheds. A barn is more likely to be damaged and uprooted during a storm than a regular home. A sturdy foundation ensures that it remains on the ground and does not move or tilt. 

No barn should have a titled, sliding floor with buckled walls or doors that won’t fully close. A strong barn foundation is made of concrete slabs, piers or pavers that are firmly attached to the ground. The strength of the base affects the durability of the walls, roof and remaining parts of the building.

Sturdy Roof

A durable barn roof is not just made of any material and for one reason alone. It provides a covering for the barn, but it also provides insulation and drainage. A ceiling is installed beneath the roof along with materials, such as felt or concrete, that insulate against the cold and the heat. 

If the roof is weakly insulated, water seeps through and leaks onto the barn floor. A good roof is designed with eaves to prevent pools of rainwater from collecting on top. The slope of the roof ensures that water and snow do not collect in piles.

There are several factors to consider if you want to construct a barn that lasts for decades. Research the most suitable type of wood for your construction project before it begins. Build a sturdy foundation that is even and made of the strongest materials. Make sure that your barn is built for the harsh weather conditions and will remain useful for many years.

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