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The Must-Have Items of Indonesia Furniture

When it comes to Indonesia furniture, people usually get confused because they have too many options of what to buy. As one of the countries with vast rainforest, Indonesia can produce wooden furniture with ease. As the result, almost every type of furniture can be found in Indonesia, starting from a humble stool to a grand, luxurious bed.

The Types of Indonesia Furniture to Buy

There are so many types and it is pretty clear that all of them can be found in this country. However, if you really want to buy the furniture, there are some kinds that you need to purchase.

1.       Dining Table

Dining table is relatively massive Indonesia furniture. The spacious body allows the crafter to put any designs on it. That’s why Indonesia has the best wooden dining table, in term of the design. For your information, Indonesia is a country of culture and history, including batik (traditional fabric) and wayang (puppet). In most Indonesian wooden dining table, you can see elaborate designs on table’s legs as well as on the body itself. It makes the piece of furniture really stunning and unique. It is like you won’t find the crafting anywhere else but in Indonesia. If you want to buy a dining table from this country, make sure you get the one made of teak or mahogany; just to make sure the quality matches its beauty.

2.       Coffee Table

To enhance the beauty of your living room, of course you are going to need a coffee table. This furniture allows you to have a functional table in living room to place framed pictures, decorative lamps, or other home decor elements. Wooden coffee table is best to be bought from Indonesia. Just like the dining table, this coffee table is also completed by elaborate, detailed design. The hand-crafting is simply excellent. You can find coffee table crafting and other furniture in several regions in Indonesia, especially in Jepara. This small city in Central Java is the center of Indonesia furniture manufacturers. You can literally find any high-quality items here.

3.       Accent Cabinet

Moreover, cabinet is essential furniture in every household. It works as storage and decorative element. The accent cabinet is a smaller item that’s usually placed in living room. It looks almost like a kitchen cabinet actually. It has the function to store living room stuff and to display decorative element on top of it. Well, Indonesia furniture is excellent when it comes to cabinet, including accent cabinet. Each corner of furniture is completed by detailed crafting to enhance its beauty. You need to buy one, indeed.

The furnishings above can really help you to fill the house with style. They are truly well-known for the elegant appearance as well as for its unique, authentic design. However, buying every type of furniture is quite impossible and impractical as it can make your house crowded instead of spacious and beautiful. So, just buy the listed items above as they are simply the best Indonesia furniture.


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