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The Innovative Armytek Flashlights That Are the Talk of Town

Armytek has maintained its reputation of producing innovative flashlights and their accessories for years. They range from Armytek flashlights to batteries, chargers, and other accessories to make your flashlight use experience life changing. We have enhanced features to provide long lasting batteries, flashlights that consume less energy without reducing brightness and flashlights that can be used in the most extreme conditions, among other advancements. Here are the latest addictions you should consider for your night vision.

  • Armytek Barracuda Pro v2 XHP35 High Intensity Flashlight

This is an upgrade designed to offer high intensity and bright lighting. It offers 1850 OTF Lumens and 1500 LED lumens worth of brightness. The distance of the bright beam has been boosted to reach 800 meters. The use of strong materials for the body provides users with the perfect flashlight for hardy situations, including the ability to withstand the recoil of any gun. It is also light in weight to make it easy for use over extended hours. You are guaranteed constant brightness even when the battery is almost drained. With 6 brightness modes, you have the perfect flashlight for multiple situations. The price is a reasonable $96 with excellent delivery options.

  • Armytek Dobermann Pro v3 XHP35 Hi Warm Flashlight w/NL183 Battery + A1 Charger

This is the real definition of combo design and a pack that delivers the best value for money. The flashlight offers an admirable beam distance of 381 meters with quality brightness on every inch. You get 1570 LED brightness with minimum spill and an impressive hotspot of 9meters in diameter at 100 meters distance. This is one of the most reliable hunting flashlights or for use in military operations. At 50 meters depth, the flashlight will still work for more than five hours. This is enough for you to complete your mission. With 9 brightness modes to choose from, you have the most dynamic flashlight in the market.

  • Armytek Dobermann Pro v3 XHP35 Hi Flashlight -1700 Lumens

This is the latest addition in the Armytek family with improved beam intensity of 39000cd. You also get the new Cree XHP35 high intensity LED as well as the Cool White LED tint at 5500k. Brightness is stabilized regardless of the voltage. It has the highest rating of water and dust resistance in the market today at IP68. For only 95$, you have a flashlight that lights your way in temperatures between -25 and 40 degrees Celsius.

  • Acebeam UC15 Keychain light, Cree XPL HI LED, 1000 Lumen w/2x 10440 Rechargeable Batteries (Silver)

This is a serious contender for the best made flashlight in the world despite its apparent beauty. It is an everyday use flashlight that fits into your key holder and is light in weight. With the capacity to light between 19hrs on low brightness and 46 minutes on high, you have the perfect flashlight for those emergency situations. The flashlight lights 107 meters ahead and will achieve 2880cd brightness. The flashlight is only 39g in weight and is hardy enough to resist both impact and water. With a rechargeable battery, the pack is available for a reasonable $95.

  • Armytek ABM-01 Bike Mount

For bike riders, taking on the trail at night will be fun and safer with a reliable flashlight to light your path. The flashlight is held in place by a reliable mount that makes it safe and functional to have the flashlight in place. This is what Armytek ABM-01 Bike Mount guarantees. It is designed to fit on the frame of your ordinary bike with an adjustable clipping to hold it in place. The mount can comfortably hold the Armytek Wizard, ELF flashlights and Tiara, among other accessories. It is durable and holds your flashlight tightly to ensure that it does not fall off. The mount is light in weight yet made of high quality and extremely durable material. You do not require any special skills to fix or operate the mount. It is affordable with a price tag of $15 only.

  • Armytek Predator Pro v3 XHP35 Hi Flashlight 1700 Lumens

This is a flashlight for persons looking for a functional accessory for the night or dark tunnels. With an impressive brightness of up to 1700 lumens shinning over 451 meters, you have a bright hotspot with extremely low spill over the distance. At peak intensity, you have 50750cd brightness and LED intensity of Cree XHP35. For just $102 you have the most reliable and comfortable flashlight for hunting and military type operations.

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