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The Essentials of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is an exercise that families engage in during their routine house chores. But what you must realize is that commercial window cleaning in Toronto is done via different strategies depending on the nature of the window. That is to say, if you have a tinted window, you require a specific technique for cleaning that is quite different from the technique that will be applicable to cleaning a glass or vinyl window. Therefore windows cleaning can only bring forth the best result if only you know the specific cleaning techniques for your window pattern.

The following are guidelines on how to undertake cleaning of your specific window patterns:

Glass Windows Cleaning

The exercise of cleaning windows is most common with the glass windows. This is because it is arguably the most common type of windows that are found in both modern and traditional buildings, not also forgetting cars as well. Due to its nature (glass) a great deal of care is required in its cleaning process in order to avoid denting it with scratches and unwanted marks which will give it an unpleasant look. So ensure you make use of specially designed glass cleaning product for the cleaning of your glass windows. Furthermore, in order save cost of purchasing this somewhat expensive glass cleaning product you can decide to opt for your own improvised cleaning solutions by using vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soaps, ammonia and some warm water. You can also employ the use of safe cleaning solution of cornstarch, ammonia, water to clean for your glass window cleaning in Toronto. Whatever solution you decide to use for your cleaning always ensure that you use it alongside a soft sponge or cloth to avoid leaving scratches or disgusting marks on your glass windows.

Vinyl Windows Cleaning

One of the reasons why most persons prefer the use of vinyl glass for their windows is the fact that, it can be conveniently removed for purposes of cleaning and other needs that may arise. When compared to the glass windows, the vinyl glass windows are far more delicate and requires utmost care while cleaning it, this is why it’s best advised that you make use of vinegar, some dish soap, detergent or some order mild solutions plus a very soft cloth for your vinyl windows cleaning in Toronto.

Tinted Windows Cleaning

Just like other window types mentioned earlier, you also require special care in the cleaning of your tinted glass windows in your home, office or car. Tinted glass window cleaning in Toronto should be devoid of the use of strong solutions such as ammonia or ammonia-based soaps. Its usage would result in losing the tinted nature of the glass. To preserve its tinted feature, always make use of a mild soap in the cleaning of your tinted windows.

In conclusion, knowledge of these techniques doesn’t just bring utmost cleaning results but also guarantees safety during the window cleaning exercise.

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