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The Danger of Using Almost All Forms of Pest Control

When deciding to do pest control it is important that safety is first especially when applying pesticide chemicals to prevent or treat pest infestation. This is especially important if you are going to be applying chemicals indoors.

Broad categories

The pesticides most homeowners usually use fall into 2 broad categories:

  • Insecticides to kill insects;
  • Rodenticides use to kill rodents and mammals.

Danger of accidental poisoning of these two is very different:

  • Rodenticide poisoning can occur when a pet or child eats a solid bait preparation because they believe it is food;
  • Most of the insecticides pest control poisoning happens when the applicator or non-pest absorbs the product by breathing or skin contact in particles that are airborne by either sprayed, fogged, dusted or fumigated.

Definition of safety

First to begin with, what is the definition of safety. Safety is when the blending of the compound toxicityas well as the quantity of exposure to a non-targeted organism has to it.

Using both

With both insecticides and rodenticides, chemists combine inert as well as the active ingredients in the pesticides, trying to develop products with low levels of:

  • Toxicity to mammals
  • Mutagenic (birth defects) profile conceivable
  • Carcinogenic (cancer causing) likely

Countless products

It doesn’t matter how safe a modern insecticide might be but there are still countless products that were used for years casually and are currently believed to be linked to cancer diseases.

Chlordane or DDT

Chlordane was at one time quite commonly used for control of termites, and DDT, once a quite popular pesticide, are only two examples. Manufactures might have been completely honest with the public on the “safety” of these current products at the time of their use, only to discover that there were many unknown or unexpected bad results with exposure.

It is vital for users to read and then follow all label directions on pesticides.

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