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The 3P’s of Paver Patio Prep


Installing a paver patio can be a major task to take on, especially for those people who have little experience or knowledge on the topic. It is important to educate yourself on the proper way to install a paver patio, before starting a paver patio project. If it’s installed the incorrect way, it may result in a loss of money, materials, effort and time. Understanding the consequences of unsuccessful paver patio preparation should help motivate you toward a positive paver patio result.

There are a variety of different materials that can be used in your paver patio installation that will give your patio a unique design. These materials can be used for different purposes, but most are installed in a similar fashion. Although each patio will ultimately be different from another in regard to shape, size and design, there is a process one can follow to prepare your property for all types of patio installations. If you are planning on installing a paver patio, there are steps you can follow to achieve the best results by focusing on the preparation that must take place. The 3P’s of Columbus paver patio installation prep can be found listed below:

  • Plan

It is extremely important to have a plan in mind when starting a paver patio installation project. You must make the decision of what material pavers you will use, what shape and size you want the paver patio, the design goal, as well as a budget you would like to stay within while completing the project.

  • Prepare

After you have decided on the plan for your paver patio installation project, you can begin to prepare the space for the patio installation. You will need to map out the shape and size of the patio with string and stakes. Drive the stakes in the ground to represent the diameter of the patio. Once you have the wooden stakes placed in the correct positions, connect the stakes with string to make a clear perimeter.

Next you should determine that patio height you would like your patio to be and then you can dig to create the foundation of the patio. Make sure that the dirt surface is level and that it is the desired height.

  • Protect

An essential element in the paver patio preparation process is to add a layer of protection after the foundation has been dug out. This protective layer should be a commercial grade landscape fabric that will keep your patio from being invaded with weeds but also allowing water to flow through the pavers and into the soil. Roll the fabric out across the entire surface of the mapped-out dimensions of the paver patio to create an added layer of protection.

Next, you should add a layer of gravel to help set the foundation in place. This layer will act to prevent the paver patio from sinking or becoming uneven. The gravel should be about 4 inches and should be level. A layer of sand will finish off the preparation process of installing a paver patio. The sand layer should also be level and smooth throughout the entire mapped out surface. The combination of these layers will hold the paving stones in place and provide an even surface to work.

Best Results

After these layers are arranged and in place, you will have a great foundation to work on to place the pavers and start building your paver patio. It is vital to remember the 3P’s of paver patio prep to confirm a properly installed paver patio outcome. To guarantee the best results, you should look to a professional. You can hire a Columbus paver patio installation company that will complete the project for you. Consulting with a paver patio installation company in Columbus, Ohio is the finest option for taking on a paver patio project.

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