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Sunless Tanning, Which Is The Most Safe And Effective Method?

“Tanning is tricky because a lot of people just look orange,” Laura Linney. Sunless tanning is a method for protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation. But as Laura Linney noticed, most people don’t do it in the right way and end up looking orange. The results of your sunless tan depend on the methods of sunless tanning and who performs it for you. Some methods can be safe and effective while others are harmful and dangerous. From tanning bed, lotions, spray, and ills, which is the best tanning method with fewer side effects?

Tanning beds

In 2014, 35% of Americans used a tanning bed. 17% of teen and 54% of college students also used this service. Most people use tanning beds because of its benefits. Also known as indoor tanning, tanning beds offer various benefits include:

  • Convenience
  • Fast results
  • Controlled emission
  • Privacy

Other health benefits include:

  • Synthesis of vitamin D
  • Reduced cancer risks
  • Treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

It also blocks the sun from your skin protecting the skin in the process. In short, indoor tanning is ideal for anyone vying for an even tan without too much pain and difficulty.

Tanning pills

Now, the FDA warns people from using tanning pills. These pills contain a substance known as canthaxanthin. When ingested in large amounts, canthaxanthin causes liver problems, digestive, and eye diseases.

The pills also contain other color additives like beta-carotene. Once swallowed, it is deposited throughout your body, causing you to turn orange like a carrot. No wonder Laura Linney says “Tanning is tricky because a lot of people just look orange.”

Tanning accelerators

Tanning accelerators like lotions contain tyrosine. Some think tyrosine or its derivatives stimulate your body tanning process. The truth is it actually does not. According to the FDA, they are not among approved drugs and are not safe and effective.

Tanning implants

Research is ongoing about tanning implants. Researchers are looking to find if the implants contain Afamelanotide. They claim the Afamelanotide substance help in the production of Melanotan hormone. This Hormone helps to activate melanin production, which stimulates your body tanning process.

Sunless tanning products and procedure come in different methods. Not all those methods are safe and effective. The FDA has approved products and procedure that contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA). The most effective tanning procedure is a sunless tanning booth or indoor tanning. It’s a better way of protecting your skin from UV.

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