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Smarter Options for the Local Moving Process

Relocation agencies are designed to help their clients settle into their new workplaces. They offer a range of services that includes extensive research of apartments or houses available on the real estate market, the organization of a number of visits for objects that meet your criteria but also, depending on the needs of each, to find schools, nurseries, to help in administrative procedures, personal, in short to simplify boring formalities to feel quickly at ease in his new life.

One of the advantages of the relocation agencies is that they have an extensive network and contacts both in real estate agencies in their region and in a park of owners who entrust their property. From SGHomeNeeds you will have all the supports now.

How to choose your agency?

The best performing relocation agencies are those that know how to focus on a region, specialize in a geographic area. It is rarely the big international agencies that will offer you a personalized service adapted to your needs. It is sometimes better to choose a small structure with a young and dynamic team rather than a big brand that often considers customers as numbers. A good relocation agency is therefore specialized in a specific area and knows perfectly the different facilities and characteristics of its region. She can advise at best a demanding clientele.

What are the other services offered by relocation agencies?

Beyond the search for housing which remains the hard core of agencies, there are other services such as the search for a school, a nursery, a car for rent, administrative procedures to undertake, tax advice, in short a range of help that will also save you time and sometimes money according to the links that agencies have with their partners. Relocation agencies have an address book that will allow their clients to find adequate solutions to their requirements.

Recently, some relocation agencies also help homeowners whose type of property is less in demand (5.5 rooms, isolated house etc.) to find a solvent tenant as soon as possible. This role, which was assigned only to conventional real estate boards and agencies, can now be part of the services offered by relocation agencies.

What are the benefits of going through a relocation professional?

In these steps you have to arm yourself with patience. Ads that appear are very quickly obsolete. Things are changing but the market remains unbalanced. Indeed, studios, 2.5 rooms or 3.5 rooms are hard to find. So you have to be very responsive when an ad appears. It is true that on certain site you can register and receive alerts, which is really very practical. But that’s not always enough. There are many websites where ads are published, without any alert.

But that’s not all, then make an appointment, exchange many calls with real estate agencies that are often not available for visits. Relocation agencies have employees dedicated solely to these tasks. Searches are done on websites, newspapers, word of mouth, but especially through their database enriched every day by owners who do not wish to publish on a portal preferring to mandate a relocation agency to make them provide a profile that perfectly matches their expectations. That’s the big difference between you and a relocation agency.

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