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Six Ways to Build Equity on your New Home

Home equity refers to the percentage of the value of a home and it is important in terms of building wealth through homeownership. If are wondering how to build home equity without messing up your budget, this post is for you.

Calculating home equity is fairly easy when you buy a home for the first time since it is your down payment. Also, you can use your equity by borrowing or selling your home. Learn more from baudinet.ca. Below are some ways your house can build wealth for you.

Allow your House to Appreciate

Creating equity through appreciation can take time, depending on the market. As prices of homes go up as they have in recent years, homeowners enjoy home value appreciation. The power of home appreciation is a lot like purchasing stock and gaining the benefits when the value increases. However, you will have to pay for capital gains on rising stock value.

Take the Down Payment Seriously

Making a bigger down payment is favourable to you. However, waiting to save some cash can go against your financial interests in case you fail to build equity through home appreciation. Thus, it is important to strike the balance among your down payment, budget every month, and savings for your other priorities. A great lender can offer rate and market insight to help you with this.

Pay Down in Lump Sumps

Should you get extra income such as work bonuses, inheritance, and family gifts, use them for paying down your mortgage. Paying down in lump sums can have your lender recalculating your payment based on your new, lower balance.

Pay your Mortgage Biweekly

Paying your mortgage every two weeks rather than once a month will add up to 13 monthly payments. This will let you build equity faster and cut 5-6 years off your thirty-year mortgage. Just ensure you’re not charged for semimonthly payments.

Choose a Shorter Loan Term

Think about taking out a 15- year mortgage rather than a 30-year mortgage so you can build equity twice as fast. But, because you will have a higher monthly payment, qualifying for a shorter-term loan can be more difficult.

Carry Out Major Home Improvements

Cosmetic features such as paint and new appliances may not influence the value of your home. But, major improvements such as new kitchens, or additional rooms will add significant value. Ensure the improvement costs will create the extra value you are looking for.

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