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Simple Steps to Solve Issues with You Low Profile Window Air Conditioner

Gone are the days when we had to deal with traditional air conditioners, with almost no features and a very simple control setting. With technological advancements, there are a plethora of options available. So you have a lot more complex cooing systems with extreme features with smart controls available. This offers efficiency when we talk about energy consumption and reliable services. So you have brought a new air conditioner and love it, but still, there can be some small issues that you might face from time to time. Read this article for simple ways in which you can solve the problems on your own, without the need of professional help for maximizing the cooling.

  • When it gets too sunny outside?

There is a probability that during the hot summer months, your AC is direct sunlight throughout the day. This will put a lot more pressure on the appliance and will have to work harder to cool the same space. You can shift it to a shadier place if you have space. In case not, make sure that you use curtains and shades in the day time for blocking the extreme sun rays and heating the room.

  • Is your AC making a noise?

Some of the low profile window air conditioners do tend to be a bit noisy. Although they are cost-effective and installation is easier, this can cause discomfort while you sleep. For preventing this to happen, you must check well before you consider buying a specific model. Also in case, this wasn’t the case earlier and suddenly happened, seek some advice from the manual that comes with it.  

  • When the AC starts vibrating:

Some of the noses that come from it can be due to fan whir and compressor cycle when it turns off. And these are completely normal. But if you are hearing a constant vibrating sound, this means that installation is not done in the right manner. Therefore, make sure that the air conditioner is set securely inside the frame and check the installation instructions again. This will make sure that you are aware of any of the steps that were missed. 


These are some of the common issues that one can face while they have such an air conditioner installed at home. Make sure that you call a technician if these issues remain for a long period.



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