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Shower or Bathtub: Which is Better for your Bathroom?

Bath or shower? It is not always easy to make the decision. Elegance vs. functionality. Accessibility and space. There are many issues that you have to take into account. We show you some key points to choose between bath or shower in your bathroom.

The Role of The Bathtub in a Bathroom

The tubs were, for many years, winning in modern bathrooms. With an origin that dates from 1700 BC, in Crete, where the oldest bathtub in the world was found, this element felt most comfortable in the toilet area of ​​large and small houses. Its majesty caused princes and kings of other centuries fall exhausted before this object, which in addition provided absolute relaxation. Today, that majesty and that instant rest are still some of its strengths. Although as we will see later, functionality is another important issue that may not get that good rating.

The Showers And Their Origin

Do not make the mistake of thinking that showers are modern elements. The truth is that its origin has nothing to envy to the bathtubs, as there is evidence that already the ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians of the upper classes, had rudimentary showers in their homes, obviously with very different drainage systems and no pipes like the current. Be that as it may, these showers, at present, have gained ground to the bathtubs in a very important way. Perhaps its way to take advantage of space and its functionality are its strengths. Want bathroom remodel northern VA? Be sure to check our service.

Space Issue

Bathtubs: it is true that there are bathtubs of different sizes, including bathtubs that fit into corners, such as kidney baths or corners. However, if you take into account that the main function of a bathtub is to take a bath, lying down and relaxed, they will always take up a lot of space. The bathrooms with bathtub always look smaller.

Showers: showers can also be spacious. At present, there are even models of double showers. However, from the point of view of the space, the showers are more grateful, since there are really small dishes (like those of 60×60), which adapt to the toilets and less spacious bathrooms; and is that we remember that its use is very different from that of a bathtub, because when we get into them we are standing and not lying down. Bathrooms with showers will always look bigger.

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