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Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

Whether you’re a homeowner or have a storefront, you should take pride in the way your windows look. Windows can not only accessorize an exterior, but they can also allow beautiful light to flow into a building. Sometimes, a window can become damaged and you have to board it up, which takes away from your home or company’s appearance. When this happens, you might be wondering if you should replace your window or get window repair dallas tx. There are many factors to consider before making the final decision.

Think About Your Budget

How much money you’re willing to put into a window project will determine whether you’ll repair or replace your window. Buying a new window and getting it installed is often more expensive than replacing a bent or torn screen or caulking your frames and ledges. Therefore, with window repair, your costs lie mainly in labor or how long it takes a contractor to fix whatever problem your window is presenting.

You should also think about the type of windows you have when it comes to replacement or repair. Vinyl windows are usually cheaper to repair. However, wooden or aluminum windows often cost more to fix.

Consider Maintenance

If you properly maintain your windows, you can lower the chances of needing brand new ones. For example, if one of your windows has a screen with a hole in it, don’t ignore the problem. Get the hole patched before it turns into a tear. Or if you feel a breeze coming from your window even when it’s closed, caulk your windowsills with a special material from your local hardware store. This ensures that it doesn’t turn into a real issue.

Properly maintaining your windows before problems get worse is key to preventing total replacement.

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