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Save Money With These Easy And Smart Money-Saving Resolutions!

Saving money is as difficult as to stick to a diet. When it comes to saving money people always say two things: Save more and spend less. But it is, of course, easier said than done. Saving money requires some amount of education, willpower and mental tricks. Resolutions are great, and generally, everyone is fond of making resolutions. What about this time taking resolutions which will save you money? If you are also looking for some ideas which can help you cut spending and save money, look no further than the following list. Read on to know some of the best resolutions which can help you save money.

  • Cancel the gym membership

If you are one of those who takes an expensive gym membership of the best gym in January and then stops going in February, then probably you should cancel your gym membership or don’t even get one. If you are starting new, try doing some workout at home or hit a gym which is providing free trial period. If you then feel that you are motivated enough and will be able to do it regularly, go ahead with getting the membership.  

  • Cook more at home

Spend more time in your kitchen rather than at a restaurant or some fast food joint. This will not only make you a good cook and is healthier but also helps in saving a lot of money.

  • Ask for a hike

If you think you are worth more, don’t hesitate to confront your boss confidently and ask for that raise in the salary.

  • Cut the clothing budget

People spend a lot of unnecessary and unwanted clothing. Take a resolution to cut your clothing purchase by at least one third by purchasing less or getting them at discounts. You can explore voucherbucket.co.uk to get great deals and discounts on your favourite brand or store. Make the most of your already filled wardrobe and save yourself from getting that burn in the pocket.

  • Live healthily, stay fit

Adopting a healthier and active lifestyle not only adds years to your life but also helps you to save thousand which you might otherwise give away to the doctors. Adopt healthy habits and stay fit and rich too.

  • Say no to costly bars

There is no harm in having alcohol occasionally but resist yourself, beware and bypass the bar which has skyrocketed prices. Also, don’t drink and drive like that can cost you heavily. Make the best use of the happy hours and let a cab drop you back home safely.

  • Quit cable TV

In today’s time of Netflix and chill, which uses cable tv? But of course, there are still people who are maybe just so lazy to get away with the cable connection. If you are also doing the same, better enjoy the benefits provided by streaming services rather than sticking to that old-fashioned, expensive cable where you always end up paying more if you want more and also for things which you don’t want.

  • Think before buying

Buy an item only if you feel you will be able to use it as much as to cover its cost. With the rise of the concept of sharing economy, borrowing is coming back to picture. So, think through any new purchase and consider borrowing from your friends if you can. You can always return the favour by lending something which you have, and your friend needs the next time. Borrowing not only saves money but also helps in avoiding the mess of collecting things not to be used again.

  • Sell off the excessive items

Take a look at your house and take out the things that are just adding to the clutter and are not needed by you. Sell them off on Facebook, eBay etc. and make some extra money.

  • Cut your monthly bills

Revisit the plans which you had opted for your phone, internet etc. Look for competitors who might be giving a better deal or a promotional offer and don’t shy to switch if that can add to your savings.

So, take the above-said resolutions which can help you to spend less and make it easier to accumulate savings without you barely even noticing that you are doing so. It is apparently tricky and a bit difficult but of course not impossible. Go ahead, save money which you always wanted to and feel proud of your skills and yourself. Good luck with the money-saving resolutions you are going to take!

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