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Sanders for Home Projects

Wood and nature go hand in hand and this thought is perfectly ideated in the living room of the house to the exteriors of the house. There are many Do It Yourself (DIY) wooden projects for your home improvement. The wooden house boasts of sophistication and elegance. Sanders is used to giving a smooth finish to the wooden surfaces. There are different types of sanders available in the market. The following sandersare the best for the home projects.

Random Orbital Sanders

There are a huge collection of orbital sanders used for woodworking projects. Random Orbital Sander is the best orbital sander found on store shelves today and easily is the most versatile. The ‘orbital’ word comes from the circular action of the sanding disk. The ‘random’ word comes from the eccentric motions that the head makes in addition to the orbit. If your budget is strict and only interested to only one type of sander to buy for home projects, it would most likely be a random orbital sander, as it is versatile, inexpensive, and easy to use. They prevent scuffing and scarring of the wood if you happen to go against the grain. You can easily change the sandpaper by affixing the paper to the sander’s hook-and-loop surface. They are the best for fine projects, tables, chairs, or trim and baseboards where the surface condition is highly important.

Belt Sander

Belt sanders are multiuse tools commonly used for trimming a scribe line (photo), sanding very rough surfaces, levelling surfaces and freehand rounding and shaping. They have more power and can handle coarse grits. The sanding action is linear, so even with coarse grits you can sand with the grain and get a good-looking result. They have a very aggressive action on wood and are used for the beginning stages of the sanding process, for removing paints or finishes from wood.

Drum Sander

A Drum sander is the belt-style floor sander used for solid wood flooring. It is heavy and powerful and required two people to transport and is usually rented. They are pushed, just like a lawnmower, and can be used to paint, adhesives and other wanted substances. Do not use a drum sander on engineered wood flooring and non-wood flooring. Before sanding any floor adhesives, test to make sure that they do not contain asbestos.

Spindle Sander and Disk Sander

These sanders are table-mounted machines that allow for greater stability than with handheld machines. In spindle sanders, the sandpaper is mounted on a tube-like base. In disk sanders, the sandpaper is mounted on a disk. They are used for sanding down small items for woodworking projects. It is difficult to control the work materials on these sanders, but it can be accomplished with care and patience.

Rotary Sander

A rotary sander allows youto sand the edges and is safe to use on nearly all materials. It is used for sanding wood flooring right near the baseboards, where other sanders will not reach.


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