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Safe Rooms Have Been Designed with Texas Tech University Study Center

In Texas this is the beginning of tornado season often starting in March but usually in April. Some seasons are tame, while other seasons there are storms every other day. Texas is the beginning of “tornado alley”.

Storm Cellars or Safe Rooms

Many families have storm cellars and those who don’t are more and more having Safe Rooms installed. At Safe Rooms US, they specialize in Tornado Steel Safe Rooms. There is a testing center at Texas Tech University and almost all good Safe Rooms have passed the Tech Impact Test. Their rooms can withstand flying debris from the deadliest of twisters which is EF5. They also meet FEMA 320 and ICC-500 Standards. Each room carries the Engineer Approved Seal, for more information go to safe rooms Bonham TX.

FEMA Standards

The Safe Room from Safe Rooms US meets or exceeds FEMA Standards and they all have the following:

  • 36-inchsteel door
  • Completely steel encased
  • Has a steel floor
  • Secured with 5inch long and ¾ inch wide anchor bolts every 12 inches
  • Every bolt has 10,000lbs. of sheer strength
  • 4 locking bolts on the inside
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • ¼ inch thick steel
  • 2 large vents
  • Doors opens in or out
  • Standard height is 6 ft

Safe Rooms are custom built to any size the customer likes.

Install as separate exterior room

The Texas Safe Room can be installed as a separate exterior room or part of an already existing home garage ora room of a pre-manufactured house’s inside.

Quick installation

On the day the new Safe Room is installed, it is delivered totally assembled. The installers unload the Room, and then roll it to where you want it to go. All their Safe Rooms come with a floor of steel. When the Safe Room is anchor to the floor this gives it a much more secure hold. Installation time for your Texas Safe Room is normally only 30 to 45 minutes.

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