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Rustic Décor Trends for a Modern Farmhouse

Rustic home décor is on an upswing. Everyone wants to refurbish their cozy setup with a new, countryside vintage look that is attractive and yet comfortable with the availability of all modern amenities. We will help you do your homes with the right accessories, charming wooden beam ceilings, and natural ethnic textures.

Wooden flooring

The first step towards giving your home a rustic look is to focus on the flooring. Make sure to redo the flooring. Wooden flooring is the best you can go ahead with. A wooden flooring itself changes the very look of your home.

Gallery walls

Focus on the gallery walls. Play around with black color on a white background to give the walls a rustic look. Minimalist photo frames and accessories bought from a local flea market will be sufficient to put on top of the dresser. Old keys with an aging look, some blocks with quotes will be the key to unlock the rustic look of your modern farmhouse.


Fill up your empty staircase with some antique large items like a clock, a keyboard, and few small frames with black and white pictures.

Wooden frame mirror

Put up a three-legged wooden console with a mirror fitted into it at the entrance. It will provide an elegant yet rustic look to your room décor.

Placing mirrors are extremely significant in any home décor. Keeping in mind the rustic look of your home, make sure the mirrors are fitted with a wooden frame. Carve out a nice wooden frame with a little withered look to it. This mirror can be placed in the washroom. However, mirror in the drawing room need not have a withered look. A simple wooden frame would do just as fine.

A long full-sized mirror with a simple wooden frame on all four sides can be an added attraction at the drawing room.

Dining room

You can spend some money to get a pine trestle table with a settee and a bench for your dining room. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised at this wonderful antique piece of woodwork.

Buy some farm-style kitchen goods for the dining table. For example, you can go for wire baskets, mason jars, and rustic signage to place near the dining area.

Indoor plants

Instead of potted plants, use antique mason jars to put your plants in. Position them right to add to the natural look of your home.

Rustic ceiling fans

Make sure the ceiling fans too have a rustic look to go with your interiors. You can find them here. A 56-inch Groton fan hanging from the wooden ceiling adds to the look of your place. It works as a cooler and gives the old look. The Minka Aire Alva ceiling fan has lights at the base of the fan. You can choose from various styles according to your taste and budget.


You can have wooden walls and floors in your kitchen. Hang some custom-made lights from the wooden ceiling. The concrete kitchen platforms can be painted black. Arrange for sliding doors to use up maximum space.

Drawing room

The drawing room is a place where we spend most of our time, entertaining guests. Be sure to keep it heavily antiqued. You can place a Swedish sofa and Baroque chairs upholstered with matching fabrics. An Old Persian rug would complete the sitting area with a countryside look. A water-buffalo skull, few strategically placed mirrors, some antique wall hangings, and black and white photo frames are required to fill up the walls of your drawing room.


The wooden ceilings of your bedroom will remind you of the old vintage look. Use French linen, custom made lantern, simply framed mirror, and few landscape paintings of yesteryears to give a rustic touch to your bedroom.


Replace your heavy wooden bathroom door with a white enamel door that syncs well with a rustic look.

Use neutral and natural textures to provide a rustic décor to your modern farmhouse. You can combine natural finish with a neutral tone to achieve the much desired countryside look. A sleek wooden bench at the garden will charm everyone with the vintage look of your home.

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