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Rules for Home Buyers Working With A Real Estate Agent

A Real estate agent loves working with people, but sometimes, clients might cross the line unintentionally. Below are a few guidelines that will keep you in good terms with your real estate agent.

Understand Agents Work On Commission

  • Most agents are paid a commission. In a situation whereby agents do not close a transaction, they don’t get paid. Agents are motivated to carry out an excellent job for you
  • A real estate agent is not a public servant and does not work for free. If you intend to cut an agent out of your deal, never ask them to work for you.

Book Appointments And Keep To Time

  • Never schedule an appointment with an agent and forget to show up
  • If you might show up late, call your agent and inform them when you might arrive — simple courtesy matters.

Choose A Real Estate Agent

  • Decide if you want to hire your own FazWaz UAE agent or you want to work without representation
  • If you are keen on hiring your agent, interview them to know who you would be comfortable with. Do not interview different agents from the same work firm.

Don’t Call A Listing Agent When Working With A Buying Agent

  • Listing agents do not work for the buyer; rather, they work for the seller. When you hire a listing agent to represent you, keep in mind that the agent will be working under dual agency
  • Listing agents would not like to carry out the job of a buying agent, so let the buyer’s agent to their job.

Make Your Expectations Known

  • Let your agent know how often you want to be communicating with them, and through what means. Might be through text messages, emails, phone calls or IMs.
  • Set a time frame and realistic goals to find your home. Enquire from your agent how you might help by supplying feedback
  • Feel free to admit whenever you are not pleased. Don’t be scared to speak up.

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