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Remodeling ideas for your bathroom – What fabulous features to add?

Are you someone who is planning to go for tweaking the design of your bathroom? Is it in your new house or you’re trying to remodel the bathroom that you already had in your existing house? Regardless of whether it is a new project or a remodeling one, there are several things that you can do to your bathroom so as to give it a peppy, stylish and comfortable look. There are different fabulous features that you can add by installing the best bathroom accessories Singapore in case you’re a resident of this country.

But are you short on your budget? Do you plan to get some upgrades at a very low cost so that you could stay within your budget and also give a new look to your bathroom? If answered yes, we’re here to offer you help.

#1: Add some wow features to your bathroom

If you thought that the wow features of a bathroom are always expensive, you’re mistaken as there are affordable ones too. How about installing some glam feature in your powder room like dramatic glass mirror along with chrome towel bars and accent shelves? These accessories will steal the look of your bathroom and they will become the main focal point. The upper portion of the wall can be painted in a contrasting color so that the attention can be taken off to the upper wall.

#2: Enhance the efficiency of cabinets

In case you have enough space for deep cabinets, you may try adding pullout shelves so that you can fill them up with all sorts of necessities without having to take up enough space and without it being shown to people who enter the bathroom. When you arm the interiors of the cabinet with such sliding surfaces, you can avoid digging in to find out things. Everything will stay organized.

#3: Refresh with a new coat of paint

With the present existing vanity cabinet which offers perfect storage options, sturdy and strong construction and nice and clean lines, you can certainly think of renewing the look with a new coat or stain or paint. If the cabinet was already stained, you can sand off the previous finish and apply a new coat of paint color. Make sure you smooth the damage with a sort of filler and apply a fresh coat of primer.

#4: Add a new light

You will soon find your bathroom with a new look when you change the light and eliminate the outdated light fixture which you had been donning all this while. Make sure the light is something dramatic so that it can turn into the focal point of the bathroom. If you can add a layered look, this can give a mysterious aura to your bathroom.

Hence, if you’ve been waiting to know about the budget accessories that you can add to your bathroom during a remodel, consider opting for the above listed strategies. Hire an interior designer if you need professional assistance.

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