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Pros and Cons to Wrapping Your Trees For Winter

Trees are one of nature’s most incredible beauties. They offer us shade, and they supply the oxygen we need to breathe; they come in many different shapes and sizes but they all achieve the same purpose, to make our planet beautiful and healthy. If you are planting new trees, you will often want to make sure that you wrap them before winter hits and unwrap them in spring after the last frost. This is a great thing to do depending on the context – you should consult with tree care experts to understand the function of wrapping saplings and to understand the cons of wrapping trees. 

Pros of Wrapping Trees 

Wrapping your saplings up to protect them from the winter has many benefits. One reason you wrap your trees is to keep them safe from animals that have begun eating bark during the winter because, since all the leaves are gone. Wrapping trees also prevents them from getting splashed with deicing salt from walkways and driveways. Ice storms are a serious threat to trees, especially young ones; wrapping your saplings just makes life easier for your fragile, young trees. 

Cons of Wrapping Trees 

Most of the drawbacks that come from wrapping trees occur because people leave them wrapped up for too long or wrap them too tight. You want to be careful not to wrap your trees too early or leave them wrapped too late because it can provide a moist habitat for insects to survive and damage your little trees. Leaving your tree wrapped for too long can also stunt its growth. The other obvious drawback to wrapping trees is that the burlap wrap is quite an eyesore. Unfortunately, it is a necessity for the first couple seasons of a trees’ life, however, you can talk to an arborist to figure out when it is safe to leave your trees bare in winter so they can show off their cones and pines!  

Trees are able to supply our oxygen and just make our world beautiful; tree provide us shade and protection from the elements. They also provide many animals food and are major players in how our world works. Young saplings need to be protected from ice storms so that there can be more trees making the world a better place. Trees have been around since the beginning of time and they continue to serve as nature’s own lungs for all of the planet. Trees are inarguably beautiful and come in all different shapes and sizes – some produce beautiful flowers while others just tower over the world. Trees have seen many life forms come and go and have survived mass extinctions. They are apart of what makes the world what it is and ward off the threat of climate change. Treat your trees with the tender love and care that they deserve. Whether you have beautiful trees with flowers or simpler trees that just provide shade, they should be well taken care of. Treat your trees with love and care and they will provide you with shade and fruit for years to come. Trees make life better, so let’s treat them right. 

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