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Pros and Cons of a Cheap San Diego Locksmith

Its pouring rain in San Diego and you just came out of the grocery store with a full cart to find the keys are in the seat. Now, what are you doing to do? Oh, call AAA maybe? That did not go right they have a long wait time. Why not call a San Diego locksmith? Let’s call the first one we see online in our area. Great here they come. STOP! Did you think about your safety? How about the baby and your car? I am sure you didn’t, most of us don’t think about security in the moment of using a San Diego locksmith. However, we need to. Some many things can happen in a blink of an eye.

Today I will be listing the pros and cons of using a cheap locksmith in San Diego. We all know money saved is something beautiful, isn’t it?

Let me start with the cons first.

1-No Public Location

That’s right, most cheap locksmiths in San Diego work from home. That is not a bad thing when it comes to some jobs. However, in this case, yes it is.

Why might you have asked? I’ll be more than happy to tell you. If he can’t get into your car, then you have to call another locksmith in San Diego that has a shop to work on the lock. More money out of pocket.

2-Mobile service only

You might call a number and without knowing you are forward to a cell phone. Making it hard to reach the locksmith in San Diego a pain.

3-Limited tools

Not all locks are the same on the inside. That means you might not have a stander lock and the locksmiths tools are not right for the job.

4-New Locks are Not Available

Let’s say you broke off your front door key in the lock and you called someone to come out to help you. Now the locksmith in San Diego is there, and they tell you “I am sorry, I don’t sale this kind of lock or any other to fit your door.” Now, what are you to do? Looks like a trip to the local hardware store or call another locksmith in San Diego.

Let’s move onto the pros. I am sure their much better to read.

1-Fast Service

The cheaper locksmith San Diego locksmith is more likely to come out to you faster than the big name companies. How come? They are sitting and waiting for a service call.

2-Cheap Service Fees

A locksmith in San Diego can charge up to $250.00 depending on the lock. With a cheaper San Diego locksmith, you might pay up to $200.00. Fifty dollars is a chuck to save.

3-Proved Great Customer Service

Unlike some of the big name locksmiths, the smaller companies have to provide excellent Customer Service. The smaller companies know it the best way to get business.

4-No Hidden Information in Contract

The more prominent companies have an extended contract for you to sign after service is completed. They know you are in a hurry and want to read the fine print. In that fine print can be a hidden fee. The smaller locksmith in San Diego may not even have a contract to sign.

I want to close with, no matter if you pick the cheaper or more expensive locksmith always ask for proof you who they are. Also never walk away from your car or front door while they are working for you. It’s the little things that we overlook when trying to get our locked door opened.

Best of luck and keep safe.

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