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Price is Not All For Choosing Vacuum Cleaners, Quality Too

Each time the vacuum cleaners are quieter, so using them to leave the whole house untouched is easier and easier. If there is a household appliance suffered that is the vacuum cleaner. It has been swallowing dust, crumbs, earth and even crystals for a century. It is the most efficient alternative to the broom of all life. If before vacuuming was an uncomfortable task, now they are becoming more compact, manageable and simple to use. You can even enjoy leisure at home while the vacuum cleaner robots do their work alone.

With or without a bag?

Until a few years ago there was no doubt: all the vacuum cleaners had a bag and you had to pay attention to the spare parts. However, in the last decade, others have been invented with specific stores, dry or with water, which do not include a bag. You can check http://www.vacuumpal.com/ for the best quality vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner with bag

It is the traditional one. It consists of a long removable tube with different heads (with or without brush and small nozzle) as it is used to clean carpets, smooth surfaces or corners. It stores the dirt in disposable bags, so it is always necessary to be provided with spare parts.

Bag less vacuum

It collects dirt in a specific tank that is disassembled and emptied after each use. If the tank contains water the vacuum cleaner will be heavier, because it has an average of 10 litters. The deposit is not as airtight as the bags and part of the dust can be returned to the air in the emptying process, but its maintenance is more economical since it does not have to buy replacement bags. Also in this section are broom-type vacuums. They have less storage capacity, but they occupy less space, since they can be stored vertically. They are also very light and have a built-in battery in the handle, so they do not need to be plugged in while they are being used.

Handheld Cleaners

Although the lightest and portable bagless vacuum cleaners are the handheld ones, they are so easy to handle that they are the perfect solution for every day, to eliminate the dirt immediately that occurs in a sofa or a kitchen while the conventional apiradoras are used more for the weekly cleaning of the entire home. The hand vacs also commonly found in car boot, because they are very useful for cleaning the car interior upholstery.

Robots, the revolution of work at home

They are not the cheapest option, but the most revolutionary one. Who can give up to ‘pass’ the vacuum? The vacuum cleaner robots work with a battery whose autonomy depends on the brand and model and, thanks to a sensor, avoid the furniture while they walk alone on the floor. Their small size and circular shape allow them to be stored anywhere. They work better on the floor than on a carpet and the capacity of your collection bag is less than that of conventional vacuum cleaners.

What vacuum power do I need?

Since September 2017, the sale of vacuums of more than 1,600 watts, which until then was a usual power, has been prohibited. The reason is to reduce the energy consumption and the electricity bill. According to the European Union, a greater number of watts do not always ensure higher performance. The regulations also establish that, as of 2017, vacuum cleaners cannot exceed 900 watts of maximum power or 80 decibels of noise.

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