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Plant a Victory Garden During Coronavirus

Many people have likely never heard the phrase victory garden before. While this is not a commonly used term today, it was very popular during World War I and World War II. During times of hardship many people would plant victory gardens to help grow their own food. This additional food that people were able to grow on their own property could be eaten by the family, shared with the neighbors, and used to supplement food that was not available at the store. 

During coronavirus many people are finding that the shelves are bare. There has been a great deal of panic that food will not return to shelves and it will continue to lessen as the pandemic goes on. If you are worried about a national or global food crisis, or simply want to boost morale, you may be inspired to make your own victory garden.

How To Make a Victory Garden?

While a victory garden is a specific name, the type of garden that you will have is not very specific. Each person or family can choose to make a beautiful garden that appeals to them. Whether you are looking to plant a few vegetables in a milk jug outside or want to transform your entire back yard into a garden, the choice is up to you. 

If you are looking to just plant a few vegetables to increase your food supply, you may want to buy a pack of seeds. You can plant these seeds in empty milk jugs with holes in the bottom for drainage. Using milk jugs allows you to affordably plant vegetables that can be carried into the home. This allows for year round growth. You can also plant the vegetables outside, but you should be prepared that the vegetables may die when the weather gets cold, depending on the area that you live in.

Another very popular type of victory garden is a raised garden bed. A raised garden bed is ideal for a victory garden because it gives you ample space to plant an assortment of food options. A raised garden bed helps to keep out unwanted pests and wildlife. It also makes planting and harvesting the food much easier, since it helps keep you off the ground. It can also make lawn care and lawn management easier, since you will be able to cut your grass around the raised bed. You can make the raised garden bed as large or as small as you want. It is always recommended to make it a little bigger than you think you want it so that you can add more to it as the season goes on.

Benefits of Using a Victory Garden

There are ample benefits to planting a victory garden. One of the main reasons why all people should consider planting a victory garden is to increase their food supply during uncertain times, like the coronavirus. You should also consider planting a victory garden to help increase your nutrition. It is very easy to avoid buying fruits and vegetables at the store, but if they are available in your yard you will be more inclined to eat them. This can improve your overall health.

Other reasons for planting a victory garden include that it helps motivate people to get outside, get fresh air, and also get some exercise. If you have a garden, it will require care. This means that you will be more inclined to get outside and take care of it, which can ultimately increase your overall physical and mental health. If you have children, planting a victory garden is a great way to help teach yoru children about caring for plants and how plants grow and thrive. 

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